Friday, July 31, 2009

On This Day, Revisited

I am but a fruit not fallen afar from the tree where it hence came from.

The tree, for all its imperfections, stands tall and proud despite the gales it has weathered. Its mighty trunk is firmly anchored on the ground, and on its sturdy branches , a place to perch is to be found.

But perhaps, most importantly, its shade provides respite from the wilting heat of the summer scorch, and a canopy for shelter from the lashing monsoon rains.

If the fruit can only spring into half of what the tree is, then I know I shall be well in life.

Happy birthday Pops. I may not say this often, but I truly, truly love you.

a greeting post from a son to a father, albeit of the most belated kind.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mga Piling Piling Pelikula 2

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - As much as I was delighted with the first film, the sequel proved to be the opposite. I felt the whole story was bogged down with too much back story, despite the kick-ass special effects and battle sequences. The flow of the plot was also surprisingly dragging for a film of this genre. I found myself fidgeting in my seat, looking at my watch, and even yawning at times. It definitely could've benefited from tighter editing to speed up the pace of the film.

On the upside though, for the carpet munchers out there, the girls are smokin'!

Urgh. I don't believe I just said that! *barfs*

EW rating: 3/5. Ho-hum

Drag Me to Hell - Yes, please do so. I came in expecting a good horror film, and came out scratching my head and wondering, "What the fuck was that all about?" The plot line and the horror scenes were so ridiculous that it bordered on high camp. I couldn't help but laugh out aloud at the most inopportune moments, most especially in the scary scenes of the movie. The whole film had a very B-movie feel to it that I think was very much intentional. My cup of tea most certainly it wasn't. I very much want my horror films scare the shit outta me, thank you.

I have to admit, the cadaver retching the nasty stuff (formalin?) into the mouth of the lead actress was priceless in gross kind of way. Hehehe

EW: 2/5. Can be a cult classic 20 yrs from now.

Ice Age : Dawn of the Dinosaurs - The first movie was cute. The second one, less cute. This one was crap. Talk about being being dinosaur-paced (pun most intended) with the intermittent jokes thrown in once for good measure. It was so boring I actually dozed off for a good ten minutes or so. The only saving grace was that Cubao Boy and I watched it in 3-D. I had more fun watching the objects zoom out of the screen than paying attention to the story.

EW: 1.5/5. Skip it. You'll definitely save money.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - This is the proverbial calm before the big storm of the finale in the whole franchise of the series. Very much like the book, the movie functioned more as a back story filler rather than than a device to move the narrative of the saga. The result? It was slower-paced compared to the other movies, but rewarding in terms of adding more layers to the saga as a whole. The lead trio were no longer the cutesy tykes from the first film, and they were given just the right adolescent touches in this movie. I still think that Helana Bonhan Carter as Bella Lestange was a brilliant casting coup, and I could think of no other actress fit to portray Minerva McGonagall than Dame Maggie Smith. I just can't wait for the last film to come out!

EW's rating: 4/5. Slow but steady rise to the climax.

Next movie. And in IMAX, too. Woohoo!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mga Piling Piling Pelikula 1

I just realized I relatively chalked up a lot of movie-going this year. I guess the convenience of downloading stuff has taken its toll on my at least once-a-week routine of watching movies in a real cinema house. But like I said, lately, I've found myself watching movies the old fashioned way with Totoy Mola, Cubao Boy, and Ting Ting Cojuangco in various permutations. Good thing, since it serves as a reminder to me that nothing really beats watching movies where they were meant to be seen: on the big silver screen.

Here are some of the movies I've watched this past few months:

The Watchmen - For a comic geek like me, this has gotta be a dream come true. After about 20 years, the ground-breaking series was finally brought to the big screen. But like any other adaptation, there were some parts that were taken out, condensed, and revised. And yes, there stretches that dragged a tad bit for comfort. But the basic Machiavellian premise of the comic book still came across clear as water in the movie: is it justified to sacrifice a couple million of people for the greater good of the billions?

Eternal Wanderer's rating: 3.5/5. Very much watchable even if you're not familiar with the comic.

Pssst...Tenament 2 - The third installment of Chito Roño's horror trilogy (and perhaps the weakest of the three). Coincidentally, the 2nd installment, Sukob, was probably the last Filipino film I watched in a movie house (yes, shame on me). It was interesting for Roño to dig-up the mythos surrounding the folkloric beliefs about encantos, but for all the modernization surrounding the film, it lacked one of the basic requirements of an engaging film: a good and focused narrative. I felt there was too much meandering in the plot, and at the end, I couldn't decide if it was a crappy horror film or a fantaserye gone rotten. Too bad, since Fung Shui and Sukob were films I really, really enjoyed.

EW's rating: 2.5/5. If you're looking for something to do to kill time, be my guest.

Star Trek - The best lot of the films I've watched so far! In this case, the updating of the Star Trek franchise worked very much to its favor. The result was a fresher and edgier twist to familiar characters. I loved the way they incorporated the time-travel factor to open the gate to a fresh reboot. This plot twist allowed the most seasoned Trekkie to experience the origins with a brand-new perspective, and at the same time, presented to newbie a very approachable initiation into the franchise itself. It had none of the clunky special effects you'd associate with the older films and the the original TV series. Instead, one is rewarded with eye-popping space battle scenes coupled with a fast-paced and tightly knit narrative. Definitely a winner!

And if you ask me, never in my life has it crossed my mind that Capt James T. Kirk can be extremely HOT in his undies!


EW rating: 5/5. Don't miss this one!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Majorly Brain-Drained

Si Eternal Wanderer ay nalulusawan na yata ng utak. Nauubusan na sya ng maikukwento. Well, to put more accurately, ang dami nyang drafts na di nya matapos-tapos. Mag-uumpisa, tapos di naman maituloy-tuloy. Sa totoo lang, e naiinis na sya. Hindi na nya alam kung ano pang maari isulat nya. Ang napansin nya, kung di emo ang laman ng mga sinusulat nya, e puro kabadingan naman ang nailalathala nya. Anubayun.

Hmmmm. E kung magsulat kaya sya sa mga bagay ukol sa pakikipagtalik? Baka himataying naman sina Currystrumpet, Cutty, PKF, atbp. pag nabasa nila. Alam mo naman, mga laking kumbento ang mga eto. Baka sabihin nila, e malaswa at mahalay si Eternal Wanderer. Well, totoo naman. Pero konti lang ahihihihihi

Hayz. Ewan. Bahala na si Batgirl.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In the Eye of the Storm

"Nada de turbe. Todo se pasa."
Let nothing disturb you. All things are passing.
- St. Teresa of Avila

When the wind is high, and the turbulence in life seeks to overwhelm me, I say these very words to myself.

I try to remind myself that the raging storm around me is all but temporary. After all, the air is cleaned and refreshened after a tumultuous thunderstorm.

But Serenity, if you're out there listening, you are more than welcome to come in anytime.

Into my heart. Into my soul.

juskolord, pakidalian ang unos. please.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Isang Pasakalye

Si Eternal Wanderer ay inuuhaw at ginugutom.

Pero walang tubig.

At walang pagkain.

Kaya eto na lang ang gagawin nya.

Si Kate Moss naman, ito ang pinipilit na gawing dance number:

Pero nagmamakawaawa si Eternal Wanderer kay Kate Moss: maari ba, yung itaas na eksena na lang ang gawin? Please?


Monday, July 13, 2009

Last Song Syndrome

Of all the songs that could've been played in Kowloon, it had to be this.

Grrrrr. Lolz

Miss na kita. Kailan ka punta dito?

Hala. Napi-feel ko na.

May mga very violent reactions comming.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

With One Glimpse

More Midnight Tales

There are some moments that you totally are prepared for. No surprises, nothing that will catch you off-guard. You are able to fully brace yourself for the event. You are able to properly handle the reactions that may possibly arise from it.

But a few days ago, I had an unexpected moment.

It was dawn time, and having just finished the book I was reading, I decided to go to the chat room. After all, it's been weeks since I last peeked at the Lobby. I wasn't really expecting anyone, prolly just an acquaintance or two. I'd prolly stay around 5 minutes, and that would be pushing it already.

Then I saw the familiar nick and the familiar font.

I did a double take. I even scanned the list of chatters.

It was him. It was definitely him. He even had his cam on.

Thoughts were dashing through my head wildly.

"Should I even say hi? What if he doesn't say hi back? Will he even say hi?! Oh gawd. Why is this happening? What the hell am I doing here?!!"

I clicked on his cam. And then I saw him.

After several months, I saw Spice.

He still looked the same. Charmingly disarming with that bedimpled smile of his.

(Stop fluttering, my heart.)

I typed on my keyboard, "Adek ka, Spice."

(I still remember the scent you left on my pillow. And it is a wonderful memory.)

I saw him grin. A huge grin. And then he shouted my nick in the Lobby.

He had me with his smile. I couldn't resist it. I just had to call him. The phone was ringing, and I saw him pick it up. And there we were, him on cam, I on the phone. We went on for a good 20 minutes or so, all of small talk. We were bantering about everything and nothing. I saw his laughter on cam. It felt nice that after all this time, I still could make him laugh. I told him I missed him, and he told me he missed me, too.

At that point, I had some realizations.

That everything is well, and everything is good.

That things have a funny way of falling into its proper place.

And that sometimes, the unexpected isn't that unpleasant, after all.

Five Minutes

Friday, July 10, 2009

Nang Lusubin ng Apat na Vahklitah ang Maynila 3

Ang huling pinuntahan ng 3 vahklita + 1 vhoy + 1 coñitang vehky ay ang simbahan ng Binondo. Sa kasawiang palad, sarado na ito. Sayang kasi maganda pa naman ang loob nito. At dahil wala na silang maiasipang gawin ay nagpicture, at nag picture, at nag picture na lang sila sa labas ng simbahan. Lahat pinatos. Jusme, si Totoy Mola, walang awa. Pati yung kabayo't karitela, pinatos. Di naman sya adek-adekan sa kodakan ano?

Fine. Aaminin ko na. May K sya magpapicture. Kasi gwapo naman sya. Kahit na sya ay isang tuod.


So ayun, naging masaya si Eternal Wanderer last weekend. Nakasama nya't nakagimik sina Cubao Boy, Man4Boys, Totoy Mola, at Miley Cyrus. Ang mga ganitong moments ay hindi nya ipagpapalit kailanman. Hindi dahil masaya't makukulit silang kasama, kundi ito ang mga panahon na makapag-bond sa mga kaibigan na tunay.

At ang mga kaibigan na ganito ay masasabi ni Eternal Wanderer na mga kaibigan na worth keeping for the rest of his life.

Let's drink to that!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nang Lusubin ng Apat na Vahklitah ang Maynila 2

Nang matapos bilhin ni Man4Boys ang kanyang gagamitan para sa kanyang laruan (mahilig sya sa boy toys, pero this time e totoong toys for the boys ito), nagyaya syang pumunta ng Intramuros kasi di pa nakakadating doon si Totoy Mola simula nung maging b.s. sya. Hindi bulshet a. Bagong salta hahahahaha

Papasukin sana nila yun Rizal Shrine sa Fort Santiago, pero sarado na. Si Cubao Boy naman, di makapakali. Kuha ng kuha ng retrato sa kanyang dslr. Inagaw ni Eternal Wanderer ang camera at sinilip kung ano ang pinagkukukuha na shots. Baka naman kasi kung sino-sinong lalaki sa paligid na naman ang pinagkukukuha ni Cubao Boy. Pero hindi naman pala. Magaganda ang mga shots. May mga compostion churvie nang inaalam. Aba, e tunay na mahusay na photographer na si Cubao Boy!

Nilakad ni Eternal Wanderer, Man4Boys, Cubao Boy, at Totoy Mola mula Fort Santiago, patungong Manila Cathedral, hanggang San Agustin at babalik. Syempre inusyoso nila yung mga simbahan along the way. Mas malaki pala ang Manila Cathedral, pero mas maborloloy naman ang San Agustin. Nung pabalik na sila sa kotse, pinag-usapan nila kung saan sila magdidinner. Tutal nandoon na sila, might as well sa Chinatown na sila kumain. At dahil pussy na gala si Man4Boys ay alam nya ang mga pasikot-sikot ng Maynila. Agad nilang natumbok ang Wai Ying sa Buenaventura.

Nagutom ang mga vahklita 3 vahklita + 1 vhoy. Sang damukmok ang kanilang inorder: hakaw, radish cake, vegetable dumplings, dalawang taipao, beef wanton mami, white chicken mami, lemon chicken, at roast duck. Walang usap-usap nung dumating ang pagkain. Lafang kung lafang ang kanilang ginawa. Pero biglang tumili ulit telepono ni Eternal Wanderer.

Miley Cyrus: So where you guys na? (coñita ang nyetang vehky)
Eternal Wanderer: Nandito kami sa Wai Ying sa Binondo.
MC: Ay, really? Can I make sama ba with you if it's okay lang?
EW: Sure no problem. Where you ba? (nahawa na rin sa pagka-coñita)
MC: Basta I'm somwhere. I'll see you there na lang a!

Si Bb. Miley Cyrus talaga. Coñitang vehky na adek sa gimik. Kahit saang lupalop e papatusin nya.

Nang datnan silang apat ni Miley Cyrus, halos lupaypay na sila. Hindi dahil sa gutom kundi dahil sa bundat. Sinuggest tuloy ni Eternal Wanderer na maglakad at umikot ng konti sa Binondo para matanggal ang antok at pagkabundat. Kung anu-anong tindahan ang nakita nila doon. Pati yung orig na Eng Bee Tin e pinasok nila. Katapat nung Eng Bee Tin ay isang ubeng firetruck. Kakaiba ang kulay! Napaisip tuloy ni Eternal Wanderer. Anong itsura kung may 3 vahklita + 1 vhoy + 1 coñitang vehky na sumakay at gawing mala-float ng firetruck na may matching ube evening gowns.? Ang bonnga ever ng idea noh?

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nang Lusubin ng Apat na Vahklitah ang Maynila 1

Masarap ang tulog ni Eternal Wanderer nung Linggo ng umaga. E paano ba naman, hanggang 4:30 a.m. magkasama pa sa gimikan sina Man4Boys, Totoy Mola, Cubao Boy, at Miley Cyrus. Kahit di nainom ng alak si Eternal Wanderer, nakatsyawan syang uminom ng shot ang Absolut Kurant (miminsan na nga lang uminon, kaya nagpaka-soshal sya. Ladies drink kung ladies drink, ayon kay Totoy Mola).

So ayun, habang kasalukuyang humihilik, gumagawa ng mapa ng Argentina sa unan, at napapanaginipan si Wafu (sabay-sabay yun a) e biglang nakalampog ang tulog ni Eternal Wanderer ng kanyang literal na tumitili na cell phone.

Totoy Mola: Hoy vhot-vhot gumising ka na.
Eternal Wanderer: (boses Inday Garutay kasi kakagising lang) Tuod ka! Ang aga-aga, nambubuset ka na naman! Batet?
TM: Si Man4Boys, nagyayayang mag-168. Daanan kita mga 3:00 p.m.
EW: Sige.

Di naman kaladkarin si Eternal Wanderer ano? Di pa nakadilat ang dalawang mata, sige kaagad ang tugon sa yaya ng tropa. At kahit tulog pa ang diwa nya, call sya agad kay Cubao Boy.

Eternal Wanderer: Hoy batugan, bumangon ka nga.
Cubao Boy: Tulog pa ako. Wag ka buset.
EW: Si Man4Boys nagyayaya mag 168. Daanan ka namin ni Totoy Mola mga 3:30 p.m.
CB: Okies.

Kung kaladkarin si Eternal Wanderer naman, ano pa ang tawag kay Cubao Boy (pwera sa masarap)? Kahit nakahilata pa sya sa kama suot-suot ang skimpy briefs nya at humihilik, sasagot yan ng oo kaagad basta hilahan time.

Kasi mahirap mag-park sa 168, e nag-alok si Man4Boys na kotse na lang nya ang gamitin papuntang Maynila (ang galante nya talaga. Etchoz!) So nagpark na lang sila Totoy Mola & co. sa may bandang Shaw at doon sila sinundo ni Man4Boys. Makulit silang apat sa kotse. Harutan ng harutan. Malamang na-miss nila ang isa't isa mula ng maghiwalay sila ng 4:30 ng umaga.

Pagdating nila sa 168, e umuulan na. Bopols din si Totoy Mola at si Eternal Wanderer. Nakita na ngang uulan, e nagshorts at tsinelas pa sila. Ang kinalabasan, e putik-putik ang kanilang mga paa at bagong manicured na toes. Pero di bale, pwera kay Man4Boys, e first time nilang lahat makapag-168. Ganun pala doon. Isang malaking tiangge na aircon. Samu't-saring bagay ang mga binebenta, mula sa mga kinky na panties, plato't baso, hanggang sa mga figurines, damit at wallet. Nakakaduling sa mata sa dami. At naduling din si Totoy Mola dahil may nakita syang gwapo.

TM: Ay, may gwapo doon o!
EW: Talande ka. Hanggang dito e naghahanap ka pa rin ng makakalantarin.
TM: May magagawa ba ako, e tumitingin sa akin. Gwapo kasi ako.
EW: Gwapo? Hindi ka gwapo. Ikaw ay isang tuod.
TM: Leche ka!

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