Friday, August 21, 2009

Comics, or How I Indulge in a Childhood Habit 1

There are some things you outgrow, and there some things you don't. Comics are one of those things that I still carry-over from my childhood. There's something about reading superpowered people zooming in the air, blasting ferocious supervillains, or just simply saving the world from a catastrophic event that fascinates the kid in me up to now. My mom can't get why I still read these things. But those who are into it, I'm sure you can relate with my love for them.

Lemme share some of my favorite Superhero teams:

The Legion of Super-Heroes
The Levitz-Giffen era is my favorite iteration of the group!

Who can resist a team with members with descriptuive names such as Karate Kid, Chameleon Boy, Matter-Eater Lad, Phantom Girl, Shadow Lass, etc? With Superboy and Supergirl (from different era’s) thrown in, it’s a hodge-podge of alien beings and assorted, if not literal powers. The post-Crisis editorial dictate to remove Superboy and Supergirl retroactively from the Legion’s history was extremely damaging, resulting in heavy retconning that eventually lead to two re-boots. But all is well as The Powers That Be in DC, as they’ve brought back the Pre-Crisis version of the Legion in the current continuity. I almost peed in my pants when I saw the splash page of the Legion statues in Superman’s Fortress of Solitude in the Lightning Saga that ran in the pages of the Justice Society of America/Justice League of America crossover. I say, Long Live the Legion!

The All New, All Different X-Men
They eat Magneto for breakfast

Cyclops! Storm! Colossus! Nightcrawler! Phoenix! Wolverine! (plus Sunfire, Banshee, Thunderbird and later on, Ariel/Shadowcat). Who wouldn’t know these iconic X-men characters? They burst forth from the pages of Giant Size X-Men #1, replacing the original members of the group. I remember being heartbroken when I first read the Dark Phoenix saga. Jean’s suicide for the greater good of the universe teared my eyes up like anything. It remains my most favorite X-Men storyline. Members may have come and gone, the permutations may have changed, but this will always remain the definitive line-up for me!

The New Mutants
Prof. Charles Xavier must be one heck of a teacher!

A cannonball Kentucky hick, a hot-tempered Brazilian sun battery, an antiquarian Roman lava chick, a lesbo Vietnamese mind-controller, a ferral Scott redhead, a Russian witch bitch, a (de-powered) Cheyenne illusion-caster, a WASP-y blond nerd, and a stranded alien - a diverse group of students, indeed. These X-men trainees captured my heart when the moment I opened the oversized Marvel Graphic Novel #4. They may be all grown-up now, but with the recent revival of the New Mutants comics with the original people (weird name for a comic though, they're definitely no longer new hehehe), it's a nostalgic trip down to through memory lane again!


  1. reading comic books i one thing we have in common. although i prefer the solitary heroes

  2. eh ehem.... geeeeeek! labyu!

  3. comics lover ako...
    pero anong dekada ito???

    sorry ah, di pa siguro ako pinapanganak non!! LOL


  4. engel: of course, these are just some of the teams i read. i haven't include the individuals yet wahahahah

    churkey: buseeet kaaaaa lolz

    K: tseeeeh kaaaaaa :D

  5. Hanggang Combatron lang ako eh. Huhuhu.

  6. i remember my first time watching the uncanny xmen via fox kids and from then i became a fan. and recently, i started watching legion of superheroes via cartoon network out of curiosity since i'm a fan of super groups and yeah, their descriptive names are what makes them appealing like bouncing boy or saturn girl with her saturn earrings, haha.

  7. kg: don't worry, love ko rin ang funny comics, aliwan, at wakasan nung bata ako hehehehe

    max: lemme guess, you're horny lass in the legion of superheroes, ano? wahahahahahha