Friday, November 6, 2009

Spices, Star Treks, and Sanrios

In his never-ending quest for his Prince Charming, Eternal Wanderer has had a good share of home runs, near hits, and awful misses.  However, this year, he has managed to break a personal record of sorts.  He actually found two people he really, really liked.  Of course, whether they really, really liked Eternal Wanderer back is another matter altogether.  Teehee :P

For those who have been reading the blog of Eternal Wanderer since about the start of the year, Spice is some sort of motif that crops up again and again in his writings.  They sort of got together early this year, and that made Eternal Wanderer extremely happy.  But alas, some good things come with an expiry date.  But nonetheless, he's fond of Spice.  He honestly is.  He's fond of Spice so much that he still meets up with him whenever Spice is in town.  They hang out and do lotsa fun stuff.  And Eternal Wanderer will resist the urge to elaborate what the fun stuff is because it's gonna be too TMI-ing again hahaha

Eternal Wanderer had another close encounter of the faggy kind sometime past half this year.  He actually had been chatting with T'Pol for some time already.  He found T'Pol to be smart, articulate, if not a bit moody.  But most of all, Eternal Wanderer found in T'Pol someone whom he could share, of all things, his love for Star Trek.  In Eternal Wanderer's books, pogi points are awarded to any guy who can relate with tachyon fields, warp drives, and Borg hives.

Unfortunately, T'Pol proved to be a tough nut to crack (pun unintended).  He was still traumatized from a badly-ended relationship, and he had all his guards raised up.  Eternal Wanderer tried his darnest best to slowly chip away the defenses, but sometimes, even the best isn't good enough.  He found the door shut closed on him one afternoon, so he had no recourse but to go on his separate way.

However, Eternal Wanderer is a cockeyed (read: keeps an eye on the cock) optimist. He still hasn't given up on his search for true lust love and Prince Charming.  And he has been rewarded for patiently scouring high and low.  He now finds himself thingamajiging with Hello Kitty.  Pussies may not be Eternal Wanderer's cup of tea anymore, but this different kind of pussy is proving to be irresistible.  He is happy with Hello Kitty, and hopes that Hello Kitty is happy with him, too.

Can Eternal Wanderer finally write "The End" to his search?

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!


  1. Rude: am not!!!

    i really fancy light-sabers, too ;)

  2. Oh, I had an encounter with a kitty of my own. The encounter was the much needed proof that I am, and probably will always be, gay.

    Good luck to you and your Sanrio. May the force be with you two.

  3. Nuneenoo... nuneenoo... nuneenoo.

    Nga pala, need to keep my mouth shut. Hehehe! MWAH

    WV: imounth

    Use in a sentence: imounth-ed someone earlier this week... LOLs

  4. @rudeboy hahahahaha

    ternie, kinamusta kita kanina wala ka namang sinabi! hays.

    keep us posted!

  5. Manech: oh. did your kitty the scratching kind or the purring kind? ;)

    thanks for dropping by! do feel free to have a look around at my other posts :D

    Lukayo: i have the perfect solution for you - stuff
    IN your MOUNTH


  6. your "the end" will never come, at least not until you meet me, hahaha! echoz lang.

  7. geek

    hmmm haven't see one star trek episode :(

    lahat naman naghahanap e kaya ok lang 'yan, look around you baka nandiyan lang pala nakatago na miss mo lang

  8. John Stan: di ko kinaya statement mo! wahahahaha

    Xtian: ay naku, magmomonghe na lang ako! ahahahahaha

    PKF: beeyaaaaaaatch! lolz

  9. hate pussies hahahahaaha

    kahit si hello kitty pa yan bwah

  10. i wonder who she is? wait, is it a she?

    i'm the dumb blonde today, haha.

  11. haha nko itatapon ka nila, bawal malandi lol

  12. Yj: bakit, cute naman si hello kitty a.


    Max: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA@dum blond today

    Xtian: awtz.

    di noh. behave na kaya ako.

    ETCHOZZZ lolz

  13. I get it - "hello kitty" is your "term of endearment" for each other. hahaha

    Of course, I am just assuming...

  14. iuri: ay hindi. it's my pet name for him.

    he calls me by a pet name, too.

    care to guess?


  15. baka kaya mabilis natatapos kase tinatago mo! Ibahin natin ngayon!

    kaya LT, Pakilala mo na at pangalanan na si Hello Kitty ay si
    _____________!!! :p

  16. Jay Vee: ay naku. low profile lang ako noh

    di tulad mo at *beep* at ni *beep*



  17. now i connect. why musa is such a familiar name.

    other than your dog. its a nosebleed version for banana.

    no wonder.


  18. i forgot to add.

    don't forget the flowers. and the cellphone load :))

  19. @ ash - apir!

    hahahahhaha! belat LT!

  20. Ash: anong mas gusto mo, saba o lakatan? lolz

    tseeeeeeeh@flowers and load!

  21. Jay Vee: aaaay wag mo akong uumpisan sa inyo ni ash!


  22. hay nko behave daw

    lol @lurico hello kitty ang tawagan?! so beki

    @ewik sana naman hindi señorita