Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Musings of a Sleep-Deprived Mind

    1. Honking you car in unmoving traffic may ease your tension, but does it ultimately get you anywhere? 
    2. Sophistication is an art.  It can always be learned.  However, no amount of money can buy breeding.  Ever. 
    3. Forcing your own beliefs, standards, and philosophies on others is a splendid way to alienate people.
    4. Lovers come and go, but you can always count on genuine friendship. 
    5. Advice dished out is but a recommendation.  If followed, well and good.  If not, don't make it your problem. Trust that the person is fully capable of leading his or her own life.
    6. Do we really need this much noise in our lives?
    7. Affection is always free to give and free to accept.  The giver offers it with with no price tag, and the receiver does not look for any fine print.
    8. Politeness and charm unlock doors faster than being loutish and obnoxious.
    9. Try to ask, "What am I getting out of it?" the moment you're tempted to harbor negative feelings.  You might be surprised with the answer/s that you'll come up with.
    10. Opening the heart to the wonders of loving and being loved can be scary; choosing to be cold and barren emotionally can be even scarier.
    11. I miss my Hello Kitty hihihihihihi


    1. Random Amendments from Another Sleep-Deprived Mind:

      . Honking your horn in unmoving traffic may get you somewhere instead of honking the full vehicle.

      . Money can't buy breeding, but it can buy you a better class of enemies.

      . Not bathing for 3 days is an even more splendid way to alienate people.

      . Lovers come and go, but herpes is forever.

      . Advice dished out is but a recommendation, but if it comes from a lawyer there will be a bill forthcoming.

      . I'm with you on the noise.

      . Affection is free to give and receive. Affliction I would rather give than receive.

      . A hefty bribe opens doors even faster. Barring that, threats of bodily harm will do.

      . "Sadistic satisfaction."

      . A Hallmark moment brought to us by Eternal Wanderer.

      . And this last item, of course, is sponsored by Sanrio.


      you just made me friggin lmao in front of the laffy!

    3. Engel: that's why i lust for rude.

      and his light saber.


    4. "Lovers come and go, but herpes is forever." lol

    5. I like both # 2 for EW and Rudeboy! hhahah

    6. uhh hehe naalala ko mga sinulat ni regina brett na 45 lessons in my life.

      wv: popoless

    7. i like the 9th one the most. and you know why. ;)

    8. jusko, kung may ganitong moments, ayaw ko ng mapuyat! mwahahaha!

    9. INGAT....


    10. Xtian: kaya ingat palagi ;)

      Anteros: good good! kaw anong balita?

      Clipped: naman!

      Dabo: ay di ko pa nabasa yun :(

      Max: *wink wink*

      John Stan: pupuyatin kita for different reasons hihihihi

    11. Mangyan: thanks for the reminder :)

      do feel free to take a peek around my blog!