Saturday, November 28, 2009

What Time is the Last Train Out of Here?

It was the holiday season once again.  Traffic and a multitude of crowds choked the city.  I was pretty hesitant to venture out on the streets to do the obligatory Christmas shopping.  But hey, it only comes once a year, right? I might as well show my appreciation to the folks that matter to me.

I decided to take the MRT instead of the bringing the car.  It was more convenient to do so.  No need to wade through the cars piled up on the streets.  No need to go around in circles in the parking building in hope of finding an empty slot.  All I had to do was hop on a coach, and I'd be on my merry way to the mall.

Or so I fancied.


Like I said, it was that season of the year.  The platform was jammed with throngs of people. As the incoming coach approached, they all started to lurch forward, wanting to squeeze themselves in the already jam-packed coaches.

I let the people pass me by.  Never mind, there are other trains coming, I told myself.  I absolutely had no intention of being packed like sardines in a metal tin.

Train after train arrived and left. Already, the fifth one was easing in the platform. I started to think: should I already ride in this one?  The crowds aren't getting thinner.  I could be on my way instead of wasting my time.  What if there would be a disruption of train service?  Then I'd be stuck on the platform and be left-empty handed.

All the shoulds, coulds, and what ifs were cluttering my head even as I gazed at the faces of the people in the brimming train that was starting to go on its way.

I paused to settle my skittering thoughts.  No, patience is a virtue, I chided myself.  The slightly less-crammed coach that you're waiting will eventually come sooner or later.  Don't fret. You'll get to where you want to go.


Yes, I did make it to the mall.  I was able to do my shopping.

It was a tiring, but fulfilling chore.  It was closing time soon, and I had a load-full of packages in tow.  I was rushing to get out and catch the last coach when I stopped to reminded myself that I really didn't have to take the train this time around.

I could always a cab.

Or walk if I have to.

There are definitely other ways to get to my destination.


  1. hindi mahalaga kung paaano mo mararating ang iyong patutunguhan

    ang mahalaga ay taas noo mo itong narating

    at sa iyong pagbiyahe, kaagapay mo ang iyong mga kaibigan

    kasama rin ako dun

    ingat ka parati.

  2. hope that shopping bag have some gifts for me. =)

  3. i remember one time working my way out of the car onto the platform. i literally felt like a new (annoyed) baby being given birth too as i shoved myself out of the car. or as if the lrt had puked me out.

    i hope i have a gift there. if not, well.. looks like you'll have to make your way back out again. lol. ;)

  4. I took the train yesterday trying to get to a game night early. The density of passengers was akin to sardines in a botulistic can, packed and bulging at the seams. I even saw the doors being pushed close by the people outside at the previous coach.

    Three coaches later, I had to take my chances because the night was getting old and I was getting uneasy watching coaches just pass by. It wasn't so much as the amount of people that ticked me off but the apparent lack of decency of some people, shoving their way through the crowd from the back, getting in way before those upfront. Like their the only ones in a hurry.

    I always try to be a good soul though, checking people around me if their bags or purses are open, and to let them know so they can be safer.

    Some are thankful and friendly, like that executive guy last night, some are doubtful and mean like the girl who snapped at me to mind my own business.

    But that's the metro. It's a cross section of Manila's spectrum of characters. Which reminds me, I need to go back to Divisoria. Christmas is less than a month away but for some reason, I just can't sense it yet.

  5. Anteros: gaya ng sinabi ko, may mga ibang tren pa naman.

    o pwede ring mag taxi, jeep, at kung kakailanganin, maaari ring maglakad ;)

    Engel: i do have a gift.

    for you parrot.


    Red: oh. good luck with divisoria :P

    PKF: lolz@annoyed baby.

    i did learn the hard way not to wear slippers while riding the mrt/lrt.

    toes become cannon-fodder for bioyotchs' heels.


  6. Balita ko masaya kung doon ka makikipagsiksikan sa huling coach ng MRT.



  7. @ Eternal Wanderer : I love cars, as you know, but I only love driving under certain conditions. Like weekends or public holidays. Or mga alanganing oras during the day. Or late at night when traffic is very light.

    But for mall excursions during the Christmas season, best to have a driver. Or stay home and play Humbug.

    As for the MRT, it stands for Ma Raming Tao.

  8. Ooohh!!! I should have gone with you! We could have been two rabid bitches, snapping at everybody around us... shoving even, if it were called for. But then again, we could also have been bitches in heat, quivering at the touch and feel of manly strangers... LOL!

  9. *ehem, ehem, gift ko ternie, ehem ehem*

    i kid, i kid. haha!

  10. M2M: naku, mas maraming action sa mga cr mg mrt station.

    ewan ko lang a. yun ang sabi sa akin.


    Max: i have the perfect gift for you ;)

    Rude: drive for me till i reach nirvana. please. lolz

    Bon: i'm telling you, i know not of quivering heat for some man's touch.

    i am dalisay, busilak, and mayumi.


  11. masarap sumakay sa train pag maaga tapos bagong ligo ang mga tao tapos siksikan kayo tapos isa-sandwich ka ng dalawang boyletna uber cutie tapos maglalaro kayo ng kiskis a million hahahaha

    pero huwag na huwag kang mikipag siksikan pag uwian na.... i swear, may tinatawag na sibuyas festival friend... at hindi nakatutuwa....

  12. Yj: naku, nashoshock ako sa kiskisan na sinasabi mo.

    wala akong alam sa mga bagay na ganyan.

    pwamis! lolz