Sunday, November 8, 2009


A man offered to pay a sum of money to his twelve-year-old daughter if she mowed the lawn. The girl went at the task with great zest and by evening the whole lawn had been beautifully mowed-well, everything except a large uncut patch of grass in one corner.

When the man said he couldn’t pay the sum agreed upon because the whole lawn hadn’t been mowed, the girl said she was ready to forego the money, but would not cut the grass in the patch.

Curious to find out why, he checked the uncut patch. There, right in the centre of the patch, sat a large toad. The girl had been too tender-hearted to run over it with the lawn-mower.

Where there is love, there is disorder.
Perfect order would make the world a graveyard.

"The Prayer of the Frog"
Anthony de Mello

Because we originated from Perfectness, there is an inherent longing in our souls to return to where it came from.  And in that search tor the road leading to Perfectness, we encounter other kindred souls willing to accompany us on our sojourn.  It does not matter if the path is smooth and easy, or hard and rocky.  Neither does it matter whether  our companions stay for a short while, or accompany us in the long run.  What matters is that we have traveled together, on the Journey towards that destination of Perfectness.


  1. I'd gladly run over that frog for half of what he was gonna pay her, the unprofessional ho.

  2. Rude: you barbarian you! lolz

    interesting though how you have another perspective on the story ;)

  3. Everything's Rashomon in rudeboy's realm - although I quite enjoy picking the goriest take on things. For shits and giggles.

    But you know that by now ;)

  4. Rude: yes, i do know that by now ;)

    mack me up and let's do the nasteeh. am bored! lolz

  5. ay baklita yung daughter.... baklita lang naman ang walang lakas ng loob humawak ng palaka at ilipat hahahahaha

    natawa ako kay rudeboy....

  6. Yj: hate ko ang palaka. na-trauma ako nung nag-dissect kami nung h.s.

    does does make a a baklita?


    pero makikipag-apir ako sa yo sa comment ni rude!

  7. i never understood that movie... rashomon... anyway, looks like love's finally in the air for Ternie...


  8. ternie ha hmmm malandi ka pa rin lol

    go lang you'll never know unless you try

  9. Xtian: ano na naman ginawa ko?

    palagi na lang ako ang masama.

    palagi na lang ako ang contravida.



  10. the only frog i love is Kermit...

    nice story there...

  11. engel: think of rashomon as a split personality of a whole person. personality narrates the story filtered though its perception ;)

    clipped: i first read the book when i was in 1st year h.s., and have loved it ever since :D

    merci beaucoup! s'il te plaît, tu lis mes autres écrits :)

  12. so if the story reflects your present situation, which character are you?

    the man? the daughter? the frog? the lawn? or the lawn-mower?

  13. John Stan: ako si kerokeropee.

    mahilig mandila.


    pero ang totoong sagot dyan ay ako ang hija.

    kasi nagmamahal ako ng tunay.


  14. magcocomment sana ako ng matino kaso nasira yung train of thought dahil kay kerokeropee, hahaha.

    sino nga kaya yun? *wink wink*

  15. Max: oh dear.

    i think i may have irreparably damaged my rep na forever.


    btw, isa ka pang tsismosa!