Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mothers and Sons, Redux

Tonight, I brought my mom to the airport.

She spent a good three weeks here at the house where my father and I live.  It was actually a preliminary trip to prepare for her impending retirement come next year.  She went about her business of seeing to whatever things that may be needed when she finally returns for good.

At first, I was hesitant about the idea of her living with my dad and I.  After all, she has been gone for a very long time.  Like I said before, I may have already forgotten how it is to be a son to her, and she might have already forgotten how it is to be a mother to me.

I soon found out that my fears were unfounded. We simply picked up from where we left off when she last visited.  It was like the proverbial glove - sure, it may be a little older, but it still feels comfortable to the feel.  There may have been a few rough patches,  but I truly appreciated her company. And I hope she appreciated mine as well.

My mom even took time out to put up the Christmas trimmings around the house.  Owing to the fact that we're both guys, my dad and I never took time out to spruce up the place during the Yuletide season.  Sure, there was the obligatory Christmas tree and a scattering of decorations here and there, but that was about it.

Mom, however, had a different idea.  She purchased a lot of twinkling lights, and put it up all over the place.  She even bought a large yellow parol and had light bulb put in it.  She hung it in front of our house, and its light has since been casting a pleasant glow on our veranda at night.

Now, the house looks brighter and cheerier.  For the first time in years, I actually feel that Christmas time is just around the corner.  And more importantly, the house has started to feel like a home once again.

All it took was a mother's touch, something that I've belatedly realized I've been missing all these years.


Tonight, I brought my mother to the airport.

When I got home, I lingered in the veranda and gazed at the the lighted parol for quite some time; its warm glow steadily reminded me that neither time nor distance can truly diminish the bond between a mother and her son.

I'm already missing you, Mom.

Come home soon.


  1. mabuti ka pa mayruong ina

    ako walang pamilya

    kaya nais ko mang makiayon sa iyong nararamdaman

    mananatili na lang akong nakatitig sa iyong mga isinulat

    at habang buhay na aasa

    na sana ako rin

    mayruon niyan

    ingat parati, kaibigan

  2. aww.. that's so sweet.

    made me miss my mama a lot. :(

    nice one EW!

  3. that's so sweet

    haaay I miss home already, can't wait to see kung ano na naman ginawa nila sa bahay.

  4. speaking of your mother, where's our pasalubong from abroad?! =D

  5. yeah maybe a little older but i bet she is lovelier too..

  6. aaaaaaaaaaaw... namiss ko bigla mama ko.... napaka significant naman nung parol.... parang simbolo ng ina bilang ilaw ng tahanan... hugs....

  7. Eye: aw. text mo kasi sya! ;)

    Yj: wow, nice reading of the parol. it didn't realize that myself hihihihi

    Xtian: uuwi ka sa inyo sa pasko? weeee

    Anteros: :( cheer up *hugs*

    Engel: i have pasalubong for your parrot lolz

    John Stan: naman. call me 0922-SWEET-AQ lolz

    Rude: sweet as sticky molasses, that's me! :D

  8. glad you had a wonderful time with your mum :)

  9. i hug ko nga yung mom ko later, hehe.

  10. Max: gora lang!

    pagkatapos mo hug mom mo, ako naman i-hug mo hihihihi

  11. wow.. great love...

    for you EW


  12. Awwww. This entry gave me goosebumps - in a nice kind of way... :-)

  13. Clipped: ay chenkyu sa hug.

    hello kitty, wak ka selos a. friendly hug lang yun.


  14. ay. kinilabutan ka dahil sa sarap.

    ng pagbabasa.