Monday, April 27, 2009

Under Renovation 1

Bad karma is a bitch. I've already eaten my principles too much.

Thanks for the ride. For what it was worth, you made me forget my troubles. But the amnesia of the heart is not a good way to deal with reality. So I'm taking control of the situation right now by putting an end to it. Now.

Time for major housecleaning.

Will be back whenever.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Guardian

Copied from Lukayo. I gotta find my H.S. and College Meyers-Briggs, so I can see how much I've (been un) changed since then hehehehehe

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

25 Random Things About Eternal Wanderer, Redux 2

13. Eternal Wanderer still cannot eat ampalaya, okra, saluyot, and alugbati. He has traumatic memories of being force-fed pinakbet and dinendeng when he was a kid, and for his life, will not touch the vegetables associated with those dishes within a mile. Except for kabalasa, sitaw, and occasionally, talong.

14. Spice is not the first taste of a long distance relationship for Eternal Wanderer. His first was actually with Carinderia Kid. Eternal Wanderer was based in Manila, Carinderia Kid was in Los Baños. And they met in the geekiest way ever possible: an e.b. for Advanced Dungeon and Dragons in Megamall.

15. Eternal Wanderer’s earliest memory of his Erpats was in the old International Airport before Erpats’ flight to Sweden for further film studies. But that was when Eternal Wanderer was about 5 yrs. old. Now he wonders, where could Erpat have been for the first 5 yrs. of Eternal Wanderer’s life?

16. Again, contrary to popular belief, Eternal Wanderer actually had a girlfriend for about a year. This was when he undergoing a sever phase of identity crisis. Good thing he snapped out of it.

17. He was addicted to chatting in the late, lamented G4m. Ting Ting Cojuangco kept on complaining that Eternal Wanderer was glued to the monitor for hours on end. But because of this, he found his tropa of Cubao Boy, Totoy Mola, and Glasses. Now, even Ting Ting Cojuangco hangs out with them, too.

18. His idea of a gimik with his tropa is dinner, coffee, and an occasional movie. They have frequent drinking sessions at his place, but since he doesn’t drink alcohol, he usually inebriates himself with Coke Zero.

19. Eternal Wanderer class-hopped in high school. He was a B-boy for two years, got moved to the regular I in 3rd year, and was still in an I class when he repeated his 3rd year. But he considers his repeated I as his real class. And yes, he still maintains his straight barkada from that class, too.

20. He first tasted American white meat in 1997, and European weissfleich in 2000. Nonetheless, he will prefer to eat adobo anytime over the imported variety.

21. He still keeps the rose a famous Italian soprano gave him from her bouquet when he had a snapshot taken with her after watching an opera in Hamburg. He wanted the underwear of the yummy, beefy, hunky Tenor as a souvenir, but that would’ve been too much to ask.

22. Eternal Wanderer has a tita who has been a tito for a good 30 years or so. Tito’s claim to fame is that he was the first Asian transsexual operated on. Eternal Wanderer still hasn’t mustered the courage to ask if Tito can get it up, though.

24. He flirted with the professional stage for a time. He did the usual rounds of auditions for various theatrical companies, and even managed to snag a big role in Tanghalang Pilipino. But he eventually returned to his first love: singing classical stuff.

24. Eternal Wanderer did a courtside announcer/commentator gig at the Shakey’s V-league. What he wants though, is to be a TV commentator for the volleyball games. Yes, he is that addicted to the sport.

25. With 49 things already written about him, Eternal Wanderer thinks he may have a tad overshared things about himself already hahahahahaha

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Friday, April 24, 2009

25 Random Things About Eternal Wanderer, Redux 1

1. Eternal Wanderer is a closet nerd. When he was in grade school he used to vie in those quiz bee shows on TV and in an assortment of national level quiz competitions. He was considered the resident expert in science and Philippine history in the team.

2. Contrary to popular belief, Eternal Wanderer is not an unico hijo. He actually had a younger brother, but the Anthony was born blue, and didn’t survive 3 minutes out of the womb. He would’ve turned 28 this year.

3. Eternal Wanderer has been to one of his dream cities: Moscow in Russia. He still wants to go to Athens, Cairo, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires though.

4. He used to dish out opera arias like it was nothing. Eternal Wanderer was even able to sing with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra at the CCP Main Theater as its soloist, doing an operatic duet with another soprano and a Filipino kundiman by his loneself. But nowadays, he fancies himself retired from that stuff. Even so, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t listen to opera anymore. He loves to pump up the volume at 2 a.m. onwards, waking the whole household with Turandot , Tristan und Isolde, and Lucia di Lammermoor.

5. He never was a big fan of video games. However, he installed an Age of Mythology in his desktop, and found himself engrossed with it for 4 straight days.

6. Though he did a Tina Paner with Cris Villanueva, Eternal Wanderer considers Varsity Player his first true love. They got hot and heavy for about three years, till he was dumped for a girl that Varsity Player met in college. Eternal Wanderer opines that Varsity Player and he should’ve gone on to an all-boys college instead hahahaha

7. He wants to be a southpaw since it’s very useful when playing volleyball. Unfortunately, he was born right handed, and has to settle with what nature has given him.

8. Eternal Wanderer junked science in favor of math when he was in high school. But that was after he was almost kicked out of school. Good thing his teachers and school teacher saw fit to give him another chance. He repeated his 3rd year and did a 180 degree turn. At the end of high school, he was a mini-math geekzoid, and managed to get into the courses he wanted at the only two schools he applied for in college.

9. Between cake and ice cream, Eternal Wanderer would choose cake. But either isn’t really much of an option, because he has type-2 diabetes.

10. He is a jack of all trades. Since Eternal Wanderer loves trying to explore the how-to’s and workings of anything that catches his fancy, he is able to do a lot of eclectic stuff. From teaching a beginner to receive a volleyball serve correctly, to tinkering with the innards of a desktop, to examining the intricacies of a Beethoven sonata composition, name it, he can prolly do it. Or at least is very much willing to try it out.

11. Eternal Wanderer is a sucker. For sausages. The kielbasa and bratwurst kind, you dirty, dirty-minded reader you!

12. He started trying to drive around the tender age of 15. One particular night, he snuck out the new car and managed to bang it up into Lite Ace while reversing. Needless to say, he still didn’t have a student license at that time.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Riding Out The Blues

Some days, you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. You stand up, cranky and disoriented, wondering what you’re supposed to do when you suddenly realize that you’re late for an appointment. It’s a good thing the appointment is cancellable, so you manage to squeak yourself from this one. You sit yourself on the desktop, power it up on, and click on the internet browser.

Nothing happens. The internet is down.

Oh boy. It’s going to be a long, long day.

You try calling Spice, but he doesn’t pick up the phone. You get all the more irritated. You get so irritated that you junk the rest of your activities for the day, and just stay holed up in your room. The weather doesn’t help. Instead of being relieved from the awful heat, you get dispirited from the glum, overcast skies.
Misery loves company, and it’s just your luck that all you have is your miserable self as a companion.

The blues. Nothing to do but to ride it out.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Close Encounters of The Showbiz Kind 4

Masarap ang tulog ni Eternal Wanderer at ni Cubao Boy dahil malamig ang aircon ng kwartong tinulugan nila. 'Wag kayong malisyoso. Walang nangyari sa kanila dahil matalik silang magkaibigan. Bawal mag-sex ang mga matatalik na nagkaibigan kasi sila ay magkakalasunan, o matatamaan ng kidlat, o lalamunin ng lupa (hango sa mga karanasan ni Eternal Wanderer ang mga kasabihan na ito). Hindi rin sila pwede mag-sex dahil kasama nila si Erpats sa kwarto, at kung madatnan man silang gumagawa ng milagro ala Judiel ng Agoo e baka palayasin sila ng di oras ng ala-sais ng umaga.

Nagtungo si Eternal Wanderer at Cubao Boy sa set para mananghalian dahil medyo ginugutom na sila. Hindi pananghalian ang nadatnan nila. Isang pyestahan pala. Napagdesisyunan ng the-powers-that-be na minsan lang sa isang taon ang Easter kaya nagpahanda sila ng isang damukmok na pagkain. May lechon, menudo, rellenong bangus, bistek, inihaw na liempo, dinuguan, lechong manok, leche flan, at hinalay, este halaeyang ube. Nabusog ng husto si Eternal Wanderer at si Cubao Boy. Kaya hayun, nahiya sila magpa-picture kay Bobby Andrews, Epy Quizon, Rhian Ramos, Pinky Marquez, at Leo Martinez kasi napaka-unglamorous na bundat ang tyan sa ritatro. Pero itataya ni Eternal Wanderer ang pagkadonselya nya na pati rin yung mga artista ay nagsipagbundatan ang mga tyan dahil sa sarap ng pagkain. Nagka-evil thought si Eternal Wanderer: magkakasya pa kaya si Rhian Ramos sa corset nya pagkatapos nung lunch?

Nung bandang 2:30 ng hapon, napag-pasyahan ni Eternal Wanderer na hindi na nya hihintayin na palayasin pa sya ng Erpat nya. Hinatak nya si Cubao Boy (na kumokodak pa rin ng mga pictures ng dalampasigan. Hindi na nag-bother si Eternal Wanderer na i-check kung totoong scenery or scenery ulit ng mga katawan ang kinukuhang mga pics), at nagpaalam na sila kay Erpats. Ang sweet ng Erpats ni Eternal Wanderer. Inabutan pa sya ng pang-gas. Alam nya kasi na butas na ang bulsa ni Eternal Wanderer dahil kakagaling ng nito sa Ilocos. Si Eternal Wanderer naman, nagpakapal ng apog. Kahit may tira pa ring pera mura sa trip nya, e kinuha pa rin yung gas money. Sayang naman. Pang yosi din yon.

So ano naman ang punto ni Eternal Wanderer sa kanyang pagsalaysay sa (napakahabang) kwento tungkol sa pagbisita nya sa set ng Zorro? Wala naman. Natuwa lang sya dahil naka-spend sya ng quality time kasama ang Erpats nya. Natuwa din sya dahil napatuwa nya yung kanyang butihin (at kaladkarin, at kerenkeng) na kaibigan nyang si Cubao Boy. Ganun lang naman si Eternal Wanderer e. Madaling mapasaya sa mga simpleng bagay sa buhay.

Pero ito ang huling tanong ni Eternal Wanderer: so sino ang gusto sumama naman sa kanya pag bumalik sya sa set ng Zorro?

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Close Encounters of The Showbiz Kind 3

Nung time na para kumain ng dinner, napaupo sa la mesa nila Eternal Wanderer at Cubao Boy si Chanda Romero at si Isabel Granada. Etchosera pala si Madame Chanda. Maraming kwento. Sobrang na star-struck si Cubao Boy. At sa sobrang pagka-star stuck nya, binalatan pa nya ng alimango si Madame Chanda. Napaka-galante naman ni Cubao Boy, ano? Si Isabel naman, very friendly (kaya first name-basis na sila ni Eternal Wanderer). Sya nag-introduce ng sarili nya sa kanila ni Cubao Boy, with matching shake hands pa. Sya din ang unang nag-greet sa kanila ng "Happy Easter!" pagkatapos nung misa na ginanap ng ala-una ng umaga.

Oo, marunong pa naman mag-simba si Eternal Wanderer at si Cubao Boy. Dahil hindi makapunta ang mga artista, staff, at crew sa simbahan para sa Easter Mass, e humanap sila ng pari with matching choir mula sa pinakamalapit na bayan para lang mag-misa sa may gazebo. Si Richard Gutierrez, nagtanggal ng kanyang Zorro costume at nag-attend din ng misa.

Bago pa man nag-umpisa ang service, e binulungan ni Erpats si Eternal Wanderer.

EWW: Hoy, kanta ka naman sa misa.
EW: E anong kakantahin ko?
EWW.: Kanta ka sa ending. Yung "Halellujah Chorus."
EW: Ano ka, sinuswerte? Hindi ko kaya kantahin ang soprano, alto, tenor, at bass parts na sabay-sabay! At kung kaya ko man yun gawin, e wala ring orchestra sa lalamunan ko para akompanyahan ako ano!

Pero di ba, boy scout si Eternal Wanderer? Hindi nya nakalimutan baunin ang kanyang I-touch (kelangan ba talagang sabihin na I-touch?) na may laman nang di lamang "Halellujah Chorus" kundi yung buong Handel's "Messiah." Nakita rin ni Eternal Wanderer na nagdidilim ang paningin ng Erpats nya dahil sa pasaway na sagot. Kaya minabuti na lang nya na makipag-compromise ng mabilisan.

Ang resulta? Naging sound technician si Eternal Wanderer, at inantabayanan na sabihin ng pari na "Tapos na ang misa" para patugtugin ang "Halellujah Chorus." Mas mabuti na yun kesa mapalayas sila ni Cubao Boy mula sa set ng alas-dos ng umaga, di ba?

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Close Encounters of the Showbiz Kind 2

Nagandahan ng husto si Eternal Wanderer sa location set ng Zorro. Sabi ng Erpats nya, isang bilyonaryo ang may-ari nito. Sa 400 hektarya ng lupain na may kasamang beach at bundok, e isa-isang nililipat ng bilyonaro ang kanyang mga nabiling mga mansyong bahay na bato na kung saan-saang lupalop nanggaling. Gusto pa nga nung bilyonaryo bumili ng na-lahar na lumang simbahan. Ngunit nag-alburuto na yung mga taong bayan. Tinangay na nga yung mga lumang bahay sa mga bayan-bayanan nila, e pati pa ba simbahan, tatangayin din? Pero ayos na ayos yung lugar. Napa-"Que rico!" nga ng di oras si Eternal Wanderer at kung ano-anu pang phrases na Español (may baon syang Spanish phrase book para lang sa okasyon na yon) dahil sa tuwa nya.

At talagang napa-"Que rico!" si Eternal Wanderer nung nakita nya si TJ Trinidad nakasampa sa isang kabayo. Sa loob-loob nya, ninais nya na sana sya na lang ang naka-sampa kay Señor Trinidad. Ngunit di nya ito masabi ng malakas dahil baka palayasin sya ng kanyang Erpats sa set ng di oras. Aba, di pwede yon dahil balak pa nila ni Cubao Boy i-display ang mga sarili nila sa beach.

Nung medyo mababa na ang araw, pumunta na sa dalampasigan si Eternal Wanderer at Cubao Boy. Karay-karay ni Cubao Boy ang kanyang dlsr na may kabaguhan pa. Maganda yung sunset. Natuwa ang mokong. Click sya ng click ng mga pictures. May karamihan din ang tao sa beach. Biglang sinentro doon ni Cubao boy ang pagkuha ng ng mga ritrato. Nagtaka agad si Eternal Wanderer. Di naman nila kaano-ano yung mga tao, pero kodak ng kodak pa rin si Cubao Boy. Tinanong nya kung bakit nya pinagkukukuhanan yung mga tao. "A slice of life subjects," sabi ni Cubao Boy. Pero di naniwala si Eternal Wanderer. Agad nyang inagaw ang camera, ay excuse me, mamahaling dlsr mula sa mga kamay ni Cubao Boy. Sinilip yung mga pictures.


Kaya naman pala. Ang pinagkukukuha pala ni Cubao Boy e yung katangi-tanging yumminess sa beach (in fairness, may kasarapan naman talaga). Jusme, at may inaalam pang slice of life subjects kuno. Napakalandi talaga ni Cubao Boy! Sa mga oras na yun, gusto ni Eternal Wanderer kurutin sa utong ang sutil na si Cubao Boy (in fairness din, may kagandahan naman ang katawan ni Cubao Boy). Kung alam lang ni Eternal Wanderer na ganun lang ang aatupagin sa beach ni Cubao Boy, e di sana hinagis nya ang butihin (at kaladkarin) ngunit kerengkeng na kaibigan nyang ito habang humaharurot sa NLEX ng 110 kph. Pero ititira yung dlsr, para si Eternal Wanderer na lang ang kukuha ng mga ritrato ni Yumminess para sa sarili nya.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Close Encounters of the Showbiz Kind 1

Si Eternal Wanderer ay nag-mistulang pusang gala (wandering pussy) nung Semana Santa. Sa sobrang kati nya, este, nung mga paa nya, ay nakaabot sya sa Ilocos nung Miyerkules, at bumaba ulit sya sa Maynila Biyernes ng gabi. Huminto pa nga sya ng byahe patunong hilaga para lang makapag-tanghalian kasama si Spice.

At sa mga nais makaalam, walang tantantining naganap kay Eternal Wanderer at Spice. Hello. Semana Santa kaya. Baka malatigo pa sila ng mga Moriones ng di oras.

Akala ni Eternal Wanderer nung nakabalik na sya sa Maynila ay tapos na ang kanyang pag-iiikot. Pero mali ang inakala nya.

Erpat ni Eternal Wanderer: Anong gagawin mo mamaya?
Eternal Wanderer: Wala naman. Pahinga siguro. Bakit?
EEW: Ipagmaneho mo ako. Sa Bataan.
EW: May ganun talaga? Teka, pwede bang mag-sama?
EEW: Sige. Kahit doon na kayo matulog.

Mabuti na lang isang butihing (at mas importante e kaladkaring) kaibigan si Cubao Boy. Sa loob ng 30 minutos ay nakaligo na sya't nasa bahay na ni Eternal Wanderer. Kaya hayun, wala pang 12 oras ang nakalipas e nasa NLEX na naman si Eternal Wanderer, nagmamaneho kasama ang kanyang humihilik na Erpat na nasa likod ng kotse, at ang butihin (at kaladkarin) nyang kaibigang si Cubao Boy na nasa harap namn na passenger seat. Inabot din sila ng 3 oras, pero nakaabot din sila sa kanilang destinasyon.

Sa location set ng Zorro.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Rendezvous 2

The Rendezvouz 1

It was a hot and cloudless day. I alighted from the bus, momentarily blinded by the glaring sun beating mercilessly upon the landscape. It was an hour or two before he would be off for his lunch break, so I tried seeking refuge from the sweltering heat. At the corner was some inconspicuous internet shop. "Might as well check my e-mails and do some surfing," I said to myself. However, my weary-laden eyelids had other plans. I dozed off in front of the monitor almost as soon as I settled on the chair. It was a brief but deep sleep, punctuated by hazy dreams and veiled, half-remembered images. I woke up with a start, unsettled and slightly agitated because of the vagueness of what my subconscious was trying to communicate to me.

Shortly before 12 noon, I stood outside the building, puffing away on my fast-dwindling pack of cigarettes. The cell phone rang, and I picked it up. "I'm off. I'll be there in a few," he said. I put the handset down quickly, and anxiously scanned for him across the street.

Then, I saw him.


He was a vision in red shirt and dark blue jeans, his dark shades blindingly flashing in the brightness of the noontime sun.

I had to avert my gaze and close my eyes. It was as if that very moment encapsulated a glimpse into eternity. My soul flowed over, both with infinite ecstasy and with much profound sorrow.

When finally I opened my eyes, time was standing still. All that my heart could see was him slowly crossing the street, walking towards me, the Spice of Eternal Wanderer's life.


"Gutom ka na?," he said as soon as he came up to me. He was still flushed and flustered by the short walk in the heat, but he still managed to flash his bedimpled smile.

(Be still, my heart.)

"Oo. Dito na lang tayo kumain, para mabilis," I said.

(I can't breathe. No. I can. But the only thing I can breathe is the scent you are wearing. The scent that you left on the pillow when you last slept in my bed.)

The lunch proved to be uneventful. He was proudly showing off his new I-Phone, and I teased him that he probably loves it more than me. He playfully threw a paper napkin at me with the comment. I threw it back at him with a matching smile. I told him about the misadventure at the bus station. He was sympathetic about it, and said it was really like that during the holidays.

All small talk. Nothing earth-shaking, no soul-shattering revelations. He soon had to go back to the office, and I, too, had to continue on with my journey. But in that fleeting hour spent together, I realized something.

270 kilometers and 6 hours are all but numbers.

They mean nothing to the heart.

And yes, for him, I still will go the distance.

More Midnight Tales

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Rendezvous 1

It was a bitch trying to get on a bus last Holy Wednesday. I found myself at the station around 1230am, hoping that the crowd would've thinned out by then. But no. It seemed that every minute, people would be coming in like uninvited guests to a fabulous party (how there'd be a fabulous party at a bus station is anybody's guess). The disheveled serving counter handed me out a number written on some crappy scratch paper: number 552. I kindly asked what number was being served, and I got a curt reply: number 346. Then I asked what time would I probably get on a bus. I got an even more curt reply: around 2:30 a.m. All I could do was sigh, and find a spot where I could either puff away till kingdom come, or wait till someone gassed everyone (I, the bus driver, and the conductor not included) so I could have next bus that was about to leave all to myself.

2:30 a.m. came and went without whatsoever sign of a ticket being handed over to me. At around 3:30 a.m., people started to get extremely restless. Well, that's putting it mildly. More accurately, it was more like the ticketing counter had a revolt on their hands. Some granny was loudly complaining that she had been waiting since 12 midnight, and she still hadn't been served yet. The whole crowd started backing up her arguments. Poor ticketing girl fled her counter, and some burly guy took over, barking out the serving numbers one by one. Granny got issued her tickets. So did I. Unfortunately, the rest of the people soon after me ran out of luck. Spaces were already filled, and they had to wait again till more buses arrived. That part of their Calvary still continued. I had to face a new one: a 10 hour or so trip on a bus, beside a fellow stranger, on the unending expanse leading up north.


But all the harassment was worth it.

Because I got to see Spice.

The Rendezvous 2

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eternal Wanderer Has Decided To Meander Somewhere

Taking time off for the season.

Will be back soon...I hope.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tina Paner, Isdatchu? 3

Tina Paner, Isdatchu? 2

Nung hapon ding yun, inantay ko syang matapos mag-basketball. Takip-silim na at mukhang uulan nung matapos ang kanyang laro. Since sarado na ang classroom, doon ako sa bench sa labas tumambay. Naabutan nya kong nakaupo sa bench nung dumating sya.

"Are you done na?"

"Yeah, I'm tired na nga eh. Do you still have water in your Coleman? I'm really thirsty."

Boy Scout ako. Laging handa. Malamig na malamig ang tubig sa Coleman kasi singurado kong humingi ng ice sa cafeteria nung hapon pa lang. Alam ko kasing uuhawin sya.

Nakatayo sya sa harap ko habang nilaklaklak nya yung tubig. Sumimple ako.

"I read what you wrote in the book."

Hindi sya umimik. Tuloy pa rin ang inom nya.

Mabilis na dumidilim na sa paligid namin. Nasa dulo ng 2nd year wing yung classroom namin, at sa tapat nya ay may isang malaking pond. Sa tabi naman ay puno-punuan at talahiban na. Kami na lang ang tao sa wing na yun.

"I love you, too." sabi ko.

Napatigil sya sa pag-inom. Binaba ang Coleman. Tumitig sya sa akin. Diretso sa mga mata ko.

Nag-umpisa ng umambon. At nag-umpisang mag-ingay ang mga palaka't kuliglig.

Nilapit nya ang kanyang mukha sa mukha ko. Napapikit sya. Ako rin napapikit.

At sa gitna ng ingay na pumapatak na ambon sa bubong, sa mga kumokokak na palaka't nag-iingay na kuliglig, si Tina Paner a.k.a. Eternal Wanderer ay nakaranas ng tamis ng unang halik mula sa kanyang Cris Villnueva.

Romantic na romantic ba ang pakiramdam ko nun? Hindi masyado. Panira yung mga kokak ng palaka't maiingay na kuliglig. Namomoblema din ako nun kung paano ako uuwi kasi wala akong payong. And worse, si Cris Villanueva na nagbasketball buong hapon ay nangangamoy pawis na.

Pero ang unang halik ay unang halik. Totoo pala yun. Kahit na marami nang taon (at halik, at kung anu-ano pa) ang nakalipas, nakaukit pa rin sa gunita ang katamisan nito.

Cris Villanueva, kung nasaan ka man ngayon, leche ka. Napabayad pa ako ng fine nung saulian ng schoolbooks nung end of the school year dahil sa sinulat mong "I love you" sa biology book ko. Destruction of school property daw, sabi nung counter checker. Pero salamat na rin. Dahil sa 'yo, sa munting saglit na iyon, ako'y nagmistulang isang Tina Paner, at napakanta ng 'di oras nito:

P.S. Please feel free to sing-along. May lyrics na provided pa yung video! Hihihihihi

Monday, April 6, 2009

Tina Paner, Isdatchu? 2

Tina Paner, Isdatchu? 1

Tinignan ko sya. Sa mata nya muna na kumikindat. Sa bibig nyang ngumingisi. At dahan-dahang ibinaba ang paningin ko patungo sa kamay nyang nakahawak sa kanyang crotch. Tinaas nya ang sports shirt nya't binuksan ang zipper. Dinukot ang nasa loob ng brief.

Susmariosep! Tumumbad ang buong glorya (malamang naman)! Hindi ko alam kung ang isisigaw ko ay "Halellujah!" o "Saklolo! Tulungan nyo! Hino-hold up ako!" dahil nakatutok ito sa harapan ko at tila yatang gustong i-heist ang pagkadonselya ko.

Natulala ako. Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng naghuhumindig na live na junjun (actually hindi, pero ibang istorya na yun). Kunwari ay na-shock ako't hinagis ko sa kanya yung pad paper na dala-dala ko. Dali-dali akong lumabas ng banyo sabay sabi ng "Heh! Ang bastos mo!"

Bumalik ako sa classroom na hinihingal at pinapawisan. Hot and bothered kung baga. Ang gago, pumasok sa classroom nakingiti't sabay halik sa ere sa akin. Pero di ba, sabi ko sa inyo, pakipot ako? So hayun, hindi kinausap ng nagmamaria clarang Eternal Wanderer si Cris Villanueva buong linggo. May mga linya pa akong "I don't want to have anything to do with you. You're a pervert." habang masugid na nagsosorry't nanglalambing sya. Pero mabait naman ako na tao (hanggang ngayon. At totoo yon a). Nang maglaon, tinanggap ko ulit sya sa buhay ko. Happy-happy at balik sa routine namin na haharutin nya ako at ako naman ay nagreresist sa kanya.

Nung 2nd year namin, nag-graduate kami sa sige-na/ayoko-nga na routine. Madalas na syang tumatawag sa akin. Halos gabi-gabi e nagtetelebabad kami ng kung anu-ano kahit na buong araw e magkasama kami sa class. One time, humiram sya sa akin ng schoolbook. Pagbalik nito the next day, may nakasulat na sa likod ng title page.

I love you.

Buti na lang, marami akong hairpin na baon nung araw na yon. Kundi, siguro naapakan na ng mga clasmmates at teachers ko ang buhok ko na nag-uumapaw sa haba mula sa bunbunan ko hanggang sa pintuan ng classroom namin.

Tina Paner, Isdatchu? 3

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tina Paner, Isdatchu? 1

Nagrereklamo si Dabo. Ayon sa kanya, nosebleed daw sya palagi pag nagbabasa sa blog ko. Si Herbs din, kahit na masugid na binabasa ang mga posts ko, e sumuko na rin. Dinugo na sya sa huling sinulat ko. So sige, para maiba naman, magkukwento na lang ako.

At ano naman daw ang ikukwento ko?

Ikukwento ko experience nang tamis ng unang halik ko.


Makulit si Cris Villanueva. Hindi katangkaran, pero cute at charming. At may pagkamanyakis. Kaklase ko sya nung h.s. sa isang paaralang puro mga lalaki (at nagdadalagang mga badidangs). Palagi nya akong pinipilyuhan sa bawat pagkakataon. Ako naman, pakipot. Maniwala man kayo o hindi, pinalaki ako ni Daisy Romualdez na conservative (hanggang ngayon conservative pa rin ako...oy walang aangal, pwede?) Kaya ang bawat kulit nya sa akin ay sinasagot ko ng "Ano ba, hindi ako bading." o kaya "Pwede ba, can you study na nga lang? We have a quizz kaya later." Nalitanya ko na yata lahat ng rason na pwedeng itabla ko sa kanya para lang lubayan ako. Hindi ko pinapahalata, pero ang totoo nyan e gustong gusto ko naman ang kanyang ginagawa.

Minsan, nung 1st year kami, niyaya nya ako pumunta sa banyo. Sabi nya, may ipapakita daw sya sa akin. Kunwari wala akong kamalay-may kung ano yun (kahit may nasusulyap na ako sa may bulsa ng pantalon nyang isang bagay na sigurado akong hindi lapis, ballpen, o pentel pen). Sabi ko, "What are you going to show ba?" Potah, pa-sweet and innocent effect pa talaga. Bumulong sa akin si Cris Villanueva ng malagkit, "Basta. Just go to the c.r. Doon sa may library a. Go ahead muna para walang makahalata." Nag-blush ako, at umiling na patungo. Kunwari ayaw, pero nagkandarapa ang mga paa na dalhin ako sa nasabing banyo.

Tumitingin ako sa salamin nung pumasok sya sa c.r. Hindi na sya nag-aksaya ng panahon. Sabi nya, "Eto o. Ito ang ipapakita ko sa iyo."

Tina Paner, Isdatchu? 2

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Que nous avons, c'est une farce ou une comédie ?

This is for you.

I hope you take time to read and listen to the lyrics.

Sung by Sumi Jo, one of my favorite coloratura sopranos.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Three Questions

When will the moment come when you say, "Enough is enough?"

How is it that your heart hopes against hope that things will turn out differently?

Why do you even love?

The mind is absolutely resolute, but the soul is delusive in its refusal to heed what is. It conveniently re-interprets reality by awashing itself with the fleeting moments of happiness.

The sands of time are running out fast. Thoughts and emotions implode with impetous momentum. Collision of the Id and the Super-Ego seeks an inevitable resolution in the Ego. Even as the words are written down, the anima and the animus rage a furious battle within me.

Soon, I shall I have to make stand.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I thank You God for this most amazing day (ee cummings)

The cool, overcast weather Tuesday afternoon came as a much-welcome respite from the unrelenting heat that has been besieging the city these past few weeks. It was a particularly languid afternoon, so I decided to sit by the veranda and watch the fine drops of rain fall gently from the grey heavens. "Now this is the good life," I said to myself. No unnecessary worries cluttering the mind, and enough downtime to linger and appreciate the fleeting moment that is the now and here.

Yes, I have a good life. A roof exists over my head, and my body is nourished by food at least three times a day. I have a quiet but caring father, and a mother who, despite our physical distance, loves her only son. My friends are constantly by side, supporting me through whatever endeavors I chose to undergo. Despite the seething emotional turbulence that has been rocking my world, I know I am firmly behind the reigns of my being, the captain of my own ship. And yes, I even have Spice, who has made me realize that I still have a heart that knows how to love with all truth and honesty.

Yes, I have a good life. I am truly grateful for it.