Saturday, April 25, 2009

25 Random Things About Eternal Wanderer, Redux 2

13. Eternal Wanderer still cannot eat ampalaya, okra, saluyot, and alugbati. He has traumatic memories of being force-fed pinakbet and dinendeng when he was a kid, and for his life, will not touch the vegetables associated with those dishes within a mile. Except for kabalasa, sitaw, and occasionally, talong.

14. Spice is not the first taste of a long distance relationship for Eternal Wanderer. His first was actually with Carinderia Kid. Eternal Wanderer was based in Manila, Carinderia Kid was in Los Baños. And they met in the geekiest way ever possible: an e.b. for Advanced Dungeon and Dragons in Megamall.

15. Eternal Wanderer’s earliest memory of his Erpats was in the old International Airport before Erpats’ flight to Sweden for further film studies. But that was when Eternal Wanderer was about 5 yrs. old. Now he wonders, where could Erpat have been for the first 5 yrs. of Eternal Wanderer’s life?

16. Again, contrary to popular belief, Eternal Wanderer actually had a girlfriend for about a year. This was when he undergoing a sever phase of identity crisis. Good thing he snapped out of it.

17. He was addicted to chatting in the late, lamented G4m. Ting Ting Cojuangco kept on complaining that Eternal Wanderer was glued to the monitor for hours on end. But because of this, he found his tropa of Cubao Boy, Totoy Mola, and Glasses. Now, even Ting Ting Cojuangco hangs out with them, too.

18. His idea of a gimik with his tropa is dinner, coffee, and an occasional movie. They have frequent drinking sessions at his place, but since he doesn’t drink alcohol, he usually inebriates himself with Coke Zero.

19. Eternal Wanderer class-hopped in high school. He was a B-boy for two years, got moved to the regular I in 3rd year, and was still in an I class when he repeated his 3rd year. But he considers his repeated I as his real class. And yes, he still maintains his straight barkada from that class, too.

20. He first tasted American white meat in 1997, and European weissfleich in 2000. Nonetheless, he will prefer to eat adobo anytime over the imported variety.

21. He still keeps the rose a famous Italian soprano gave him from her bouquet when he had a snapshot taken with her after watching an opera in Hamburg. He wanted the underwear of the yummy, beefy, hunky Tenor as a souvenir, but that would’ve been too much to ask.

22. Eternal Wanderer has a tita who has been a tito for a good 30 years or so. Tito’s claim to fame is that he was the first Asian transsexual operated on. Eternal Wanderer still hasn’t mustered the courage to ask if Tito can get it up, though.

24. He flirted with the professional stage for a time. He did the usual rounds of auditions for various theatrical companies, and even managed to snag a big role in Tanghalang Pilipino. But he eventually returned to his first love: singing classical stuff.

24. Eternal Wanderer did a courtside announcer/commentator gig at the Shakey’s V-league. What he wants though, is to be a TV commentator for the volleyball games. Yes, he is that addicted to the sport.

25. With 49 things already written about him, Eternal Wanderer thinks he may have a tad overshared things about himself already hahahahahaha

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  1. i would surely love to hear you sing one of these days :)

  2. MkSurf8: the best!

    Jaime: Are you sure? Wahahahahahha

  3. "20. He first tasted American white meat in 1997, and European weissfleich in 2000. Nonetheless, he will prefer to eat adobo anytime over the imported variety."

    Try orientals, they're good too, (wink).


  4. Dina Bonnevie: Shucks, di ko pa na-try yun.

    Nakatikim ka na ba?