Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I thank You God for this most amazing day (ee cummings)

The cool, overcast weather Tuesday afternoon came as a much-welcome respite from the unrelenting heat that has been besieging the city these past few weeks. It was a particularly languid afternoon, so I decided to sit by the veranda and watch the fine drops of rain fall gently from the grey heavens. "Now this is the good life," I said to myself. No unnecessary worries cluttering the mind, and enough downtime to linger and appreciate the fleeting moment that is the now and here.

Yes, I have a good life. A roof exists over my head, and my body is nourished by food at least three times a day. I have a quiet but caring father, and a mother who, despite our physical distance, loves her only son. My friends are constantly by side, supporting me through whatever endeavors I chose to undergo. Despite the seething emotional turbulence that has been rocking my world, I know I am firmly behind the reigns of my being, the captain of my own ship. And yes, I even have Spice, who has made me realize that I still have a heart that knows how to love with all truth and honesty.

Yes, I have a good life. I am truly grateful for it.


  1. it is a rare gift to witness the preciousness of one's own existence. why do people bother looking side to side when they haven't even fully realized what lies before them?

    yes, life is good :)

  2. Indeed, it is, Jaime.

    Indeed, it is :)

  3. here here my tingaling friend! i couldn't agree more.

    ironically, it takes so much to finally get to the stage where you can appreciate all the little things.

  4. pkf: there comes a point in your lifwe when you learn to distinguish between waht is wanted and what is needed.

    when that time comes, life suddenly is full of possibilities.

    eeeeep. landmark.


  5. glad to have surf into your blog.. I realised there are lots of bloggers from philipines (who are cute)

    hehe :)


  6. Thanks Leon!

    Feel free to drop by anytime and skim through the posts written in English :)