Thursday, April 2, 2009

Three Questions

When will the moment come when you say, "Enough is enough?"

How is it that your heart hopes against hope that things will turn out differently?

Why do you even love?

The mind is absolutely resolute, but the soul is delusive in its refusal to heed what is. It conveniently re-interprets reality by awashing itself with the fleeting moments of happiness.

The sands of time are running out fast. Thoughts and emotions implode with impetous momentum. Collision of the Id and the Super-Ego seeks an inevitable resolution in the Ego. Even as the words are written down, the anima and the animus rage a furious battle within me.

Soon, I shall I have to make stand.



  1. we will be waiting for that. :)

  2. i have not read very much in the literature about the anima and animus battling each other -- especially since one is the inferior, less developed unconscious aspect to the conscious masculine or feminine function, respectively. usually it is the anima or animus going autonomous oppressing the rest of the contents of the psyche (conscious and unconscious) which seems like a battle raging -- especially to experience it as a battle and not as oppression or ecstasy. this of course, in my wholly uneducated opinion on the subject in general. hopefully love can return with the waters of life and resolve this apparent pain.

  3. Trip (and Jay Vee): Shet. Kaya ko ba? :P

    Line: Oh, chalk it up to artistic liscence hahahaha. Aminus and anima battling each other within on's self isn't really possible, since each are the opposing function of either a male or a female's psyche.

    Thanks for passing by, and do browse around at your leisure. Have fun!

  4. OMG. line of flight is killing me with his comments. *hands down*

  5. Herbs: I know, right?! Pati ako nahulog sa silya ko nung nabasa ko comment nya.


  6. sana hindi nasira ang silya mo nung bumagsak ka!

  7. Line: Hindi naman. Nabagok lang ng konti ulo ko.


  8. the sands of time.. is the time of sands.. lol =)

    medyo nagnosebleed ako ngayon, well lagi naman ako dinudugo pag nandito eh..

    enough is enough, when everything is already perfect.

    it is the job of the heart to hope, even if that means to contradict it's own self. this is where chaos begins, when old hopes or old truths contradict. with new hopes and truths.

    why do you even love? omg, look, a flower blooms because a space and a moment in time is being given to him. when the first petal spread, to embrace the wind, to be kiss by the sun... he has no judgment of the future. he has no heart, yet he flourish in beauty. he has no mind yet he knows law of equivalence.. that when autumn comes his very essence will evolve into something else.

    but the memory of his beauty, the reason of his existence have already been locked in the memory bank of the universe. that once there was this little flower..

  9. Dabo: Nyeta, ako ang na nosebleed sa sinabi mo!

    Yaya, ang tissue! Dali!!!!!!!!!!!!!