Friday, October 23, 2009

How the Sun Shines

Five Minutes

The light from the sun was gently streaming through the windows while I was having a leisure brunch around ten in the morning.  My phone rang all of a sudden, so I took a peek at who was calling.

I was in for a nice surprise.

It was Spice.

He asked if I was doing anything. I teasingly replied that he only calls me if he needs something. He laughed boisterously.

(I can picture how his laugh brings out his dimples.)

I told him, "Nandito ka sa Manila ano?"

"Oo. Eternal Wanderer, kung wala kang ginagawa, gala naman tayo," he sheepishly said.

It has been a while since I last saw him. I heard he was working out. I was curious how he looked like now. I was also looking for a reason to get out of the house.

I probably could have come up with a thousand and one more excuses to justify my meeting up with Spice. Perhaps, if I just acknowledged one thing, just one thing, then I would not have gone through all the trouble rationalizing my decision.

And that one thing was that I did want to meet up with Spice.

So I said yes.


It was a bright afternoon while I was waiting in the car for Spice to arrive; a far cry from the dismal weather the city has been experiencing of late.

Then I saw him. He was down the street, walking towards the car from a short distance. The sun  was basking him in the light, making his dark blue jeans and light blue shirt take on a fair hue.

"He still cuts a dapper figure. And yes, he is still manages to take my breath away," I mused to myself.

The mellowness of a memory past rippled through the surface of my thoughts.  At first, I couldn't articulate the dim reflections in my mind.  My brows gathered as I tried to grab at the meanderings. All I knew that the scene playing right before me had a tone that was amicably familiar.

At that instant, I relaxed and smiled.

I smiled because I remembered.

I remembered as only one can when sun gently shines on the heart; as only one can when the mind's skies are overcast no more.

(I couldn't help but smile.  For it was a good memory after all.)


We spent most part of the afternoon in a mall doing nothing and everything.  He needed a haircut. I needed to run some errands for my father. He also badgered me for some driving lessons, and I obliged willingly.  We wound up in U.P.; and soon enough, he was able to master the intricate balance of clutch and gas in the first gear.

I had a good time.  I really did.  And before sleep overtook me in bed that night, I realized why I enjoyed every moment of it.

It is because the day is beautiful when the skies are already clear and the rains are no more.

It is because now, I can truly see how the sun shines, warm and bright in my life.


  1. "He still cuts a dapper figure. And yes, he still manages to take my breath away," said your doppelganger on the front seat, all in 18th century garb, coiffed and powdered, with a mole on her left cheek; her porcelain hands clasped on her lap. LOL!

    It is lovely when the drama of it all finally ends. Like some dissipating storm cloud, "the sun shines, warm and bright..."

  2. I can imagine you grinning like a fool all the way from my castle of darkness, E.W.

  3. Bon: o shush! you bring back the wonderful memories of my performance as la Marquise de Merteuil in Dangerous Liasons


    Rude: for some weird reason, i can picture you as the sorceress of greyskull castle with your comment lolz

  4. @ E.W. : The Sorceress was a lame duck. I'm more of Evil-Lyn: hoarse from smoking and with a slight case of jaundice, but still deliciously evil!

  5. awwwww...

    was it just the car gearstick that he was able to master?! *winks

  6. Rude: and i'm more of Cat-ra meooooowrrrrrr

    masters of the universe death match na itu! hahahha

    iuri: nakow. tapos na ang kabanata na yun! bagong buhay na ako.

    dalisay, busilak, at mayumi

    rude, wag kang aangal sa statement na yun! lolz

  7. "dalisay, busilak, at mayumi" - wow, you just gave a whole new meaning to these adjectives. LOL - jowk lang :-)

  8. iuri: waaaaaaaaah tseeeeh kaaaaa


  9. "nakow. tapos na ang kabanata na yun! bagong buhay na ako."

    -sorry, i can't help it, but somehow i find this hard to believe. =P

    peace tayo ternie!

  10. Engel: i swear to the goodlordalmighty, one more ternie, and shall not only pet your parrot, but i shall strangle it, too!

    oh wait.

    you'd enjoy that too much!


  11. Rude: i know, right?!

    say, your light saber ain't half that bad, ;)

    enegel's parrot + rude's light saber = oh what joy! oh what felicity!

  12. enegel's parrot + rude's light saber = oh what joy! oh what felicity! - this cracks me up. Ngayon makakauwi na ako ng nakangiti. :-)

  13. iuri: wahahahahaha nyeta, pati ako natatawa ako sa pinagsasasabi ko :D

  14. kinikilig ako sa kwento. still, quiet lang ako dahil ako ay isang true blue dalagang pilipina - dalisay, busilak, at mayumi.

    gaya mo.

  15. feel good post. mukhang happy na happy ka EW ah

  16. John: hooooy, linya ko yan! hahahaha

    Xtian: oo naman! :)

  17. anong dalisay, busilak at mayumi?

    oh please... *rolls eyes*


    yeah, this is a feel good post. :)

  18. Max: why is everybody reacting to my being dalisay, busilal, and mayumi?!

    oh, woe is me.