Friday, October 2, 2009

Under Renovation 2

Okies, the stash of scheduled posts is used up, so Eternal Wanderer has to take an enforced break as he cleans and restores his house.



  1. closed signage na nga ariba pa rin ang comments LOL. syempre maka-react lang: i also closed shop on my three of my blogs for a few days coz i couldn't find it appropriate to blog about food, my pet dog and my personal life. pero dyusko, nag-create pa rin ako ng blog (parang sakit ata ito, addiction) this time aptly titled Overcoming Ondoy wherein I placed your post there about your pet:

  2. Eye & Engel: will be back sooner tan you'd think nyahahaha

    Chin: haymishu too!

    Random: hey thanks for linking up mu post! :)

  3. looking forward to the return of LT ;)


  4. Max: di ako makatiis. In between cleaning, nagsusulat ako. ayan, nakaimbak ulit ako ng mga posts tuloy hahaha