Sunday, October 25, 2009

Scatch My Itch

Eternal Wanderer is having an itch lately. It bothers him so much that he keeps on tossing and turning at night. He's seeking a way to relieve himself because the insatiable craving is building up big, big time. He fears he might lose control any moment.

You see, Eternal Wanderer is having a severe case of techie gadget itch.


He's thinking of junking his white Macbook for a new 15 inch Macbook Pro. He's actually been salivating at the thought of acquiring the unibody model ever since it came out last year. The battery life longer, about 7 hrs or so compared to the paltry 2.5 hours of the older Macbooks. Plus the new Macbooks have a dvd writer and SD card-reader already built in, as opposed to the older model.

The downside? It's gonna set him back by roughly 113 grand. Throw in about 40K, and he can already buy a decent second-hand car. Or at 113K, he can get a cool Windows-based laptop, and rig up 3 powerful desktops, as well.

Speaking of desktops, Eternal Wanderer is also thinking of doing an upgrade with his desktop. He loves his desktop since he works it like there's no tomorrow. He learned the hard (and expensive) way of not abusing a laptop by leaving it powered-on for weeks at a time. A year and P14,ooo bucks later, he realized that desktops are still the way to go for everyday, heavy duty usage. His current, more than two years old desktop is respectable enough: a 2.66 Core2Duo with 2 GB RAM and a 500 GB HD running on an XP SP3 operating system. But now, he's down to prolly the last 15 GB of HD space, so a new 1.5 TB HD is in order (am I a hard dicks disk slut or what?). And since Eternal Wanderer is a coke-sniffing, speed-lovin' junkie, he's thinking of jacking off up his RAM to 3 GB, maybe even 4 GB if he shifts into a 64-bit o.s. He might also change processors to either a Core i5 or i7, so he can have a good, if not unnecessary, reason to shift into the new Windows 7 o.s.

Of course, that's roughly gonna cost him 25K.


Maybe EB is right. Eternal Wanderer, at the very least, should change the battery of his trusty old N73. For just a thousand bucks , he can enjoy hours of talking dirty and nasteeh pleasure with his friends without having to plug in the cell in EW's Grand Canyon the charger every time lolz!

P.S. Eternal Wanderer wants to strangle the love spear of Cubao Boy for buying the new Snow Leopard o.s. of Mac. Grrrrrr!


  1. come on ew scratch that itch..scratch that itch...scratch that itch..tee hee..

  2. Bonbon's Tea Party has left a new comment on your post "Scatch My Itch":

    Gosh, considering that I've sort of understood basic stuff already about laptops and computers (with your help, of course), I must say that I began to stare blankly into the screen when you were listing your "techy cravings"; my mind absolutely going blank... Bah! Oh well...

    And! I thought you said macbook's aren't anything special? Hmmmmm?

  3. Bon: eeeps sorry, i accidentally deleted your comment grrrr >:(

    but i still stand by it: macs are ridiculously overpriced for their specs.

    i have to admit though, they're major eyecandy ;)

    but is it eyecandy becuas eof how they look per se, or because if the nature of the pricing itself? hahahaha

  4. think about the recession and the poverty that has maimed our economy lately LT. think about the children, the elderly, the deprived, the depressed and the underprivileged. your 100K++ could go a long way than surrendering it to your materialistic impulses.

    ah, who am i kidding, for the longest time now, i've been drooling over a macbook air. if i had the resources, i'd buy it in an instant. haha.

  5. Max: i know you like stripped stuff, but Air is too stripped for my tastes.

    and not in a good way lolz

  6. ang techie. wala akong naintindihan. =D

    computer terms gibberish sakin yan.

    anyway good luck sa iyong itch.

  7. oh! thanks for the reminder EW. need to send in my lappy for an upgrade to snow leopard :)

    i hope you're not planning on buying retail! have you checked in with school prices? they get good discounts? or from the distributor!

  8. Engel: and i thought you of all people would appreciate my post :P

    pfk: you wanna buy the mutiple-use liscence of snow? 5 users/o.s. mga 2K yata. ask the other peeps who're using mac din! :D

  9. "Bon: eeeps sorry, i accidentally deleted your comment grrrr >:( "

    So much for understanding basic stuff about laptops and computers :D

  10. Rude: hey, i was still sleepy when i accidentally hit the delete button! :P

    thank goodness for e-mail backed up comments ;)

  11. i had the same itch and scratched it last saturday. come on, kamutin na natin 'yang sa 'yo. (pun intended, hehehe.)

  12. john: sure. bukas ako parang carnderia. 24/7.

    scratch one, scartch all. lolz

  13. a friend bought family pack. his giving me one of the licenses haha so nect week snow leopard na din ako haha

  14. uhh kapag binuhusana ng computer ng caladryl, ano ang mangyayari?

  15. Dabo: ay di pwede ganun. masisira ang computer.

    mas lalong kakatihin kasi di makakapanood sa lifeout at sa xtube.


  16. I have the very same techno-lust. For a laptop to call my own. May the stars align in sizygy this coming holiday season. So I can finally scratch this lingering itch.

  17. if you're talking about ps3 xbox or psp specs, i'd probably related to it more. but pc talk, specifically mac talk. it's like an allergy. =D

  18. Engel: can i scratch you allergy then? ;)

    gawd. i really, really gotta stop this.

    people might think i'm not dalisay, busilak, and mayumi.


  19. OMG... you must have been laughing in your mind when i said "I'm computer illiterate." hahahaha just kiddin...

    well at least now i know kung kanino lalapit pagdating sa mga computer problems hahahahahaha

  20. wandy, can i call you wandy instead?! i don't think anyone still thinks of you as busilak anymore. =P


  21. Yj: course not! kanya-kanyang trip lang naman yan e. yung sa yo quoatable-quotes, sa akin, mga ito hahahaha

    uy, nag-enjoy ako ng husto a :)

    Engel: hunny, i can be whoever you want me to be *wink* *pa-beautiful eyes*

  22. so i can call you ternie again?

  23. na cutan sa akin kaya bibigyan nya ako haha sh*t cute din siya kaso I'm taken na lol

  24. Xtian: pwede ba kita bigyan ng imac? WAHAHAHAHAHAHA