Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Homecoming, an Epilogue

At one point, I was taking a yosi break after clearing out the things that could still be saved. Most of the furniture were intact, but almost all the appliances had to go. Sure, the refrigerator, the t.v.'s, and all the other appliances could always be replaced. However, there were certain objects that were painful to lose. The old pictures and albums of my family were glued together in a wet, sticky mess. The comics that I had kept from my childhood were in tatters. My mom's old letters, which I carefully kept under my aparador, were gone. The extensive classical cds I collected from all the travels I did through the years were in a large black trash bag.

I was heartbroken. It was hard to let go.

All I could do was find a dark corner where no one could see me, sit down, and tear up silently.


A poignant scene from the movie "Up" crossed my mind. The old man had a treasured scrapbook his late wife put together. In it contained the pictures and memorabilia of their life they shared. Until that moment, he never saw that there was still space at the end the album. Written there was a note from his wife saying that they had the most wonderful memories together. It was now up to him to fill up the proceeding space with new memories of his own.

Then I thought, alright, these nostalgic things of mine are ruined and have to be thrown out. But they can never be lost because they are just mere physical representations of my past. They are in here, indelibly etched in my mind and heart. They will be always remembered for as long as I live.

I felt comforted with these thoughts. I reminded myself, just like the character in "Up", I now have a blank space - literally. It is the perfect opportunity to add new memories and experiences to fill out the remaining pages of my life.

And besides, Musa, my beloved Rhodesian ridgeback, was still able to leap at me with joy when he saw me come home. Yes, he survived the great deluge. He entered our helpers' quarters, the only area that wasn't reached by the flood waters. If he is still able to be happy after what happened, who am I not to be overjoyed? My family and I came through this trying chapter in our lives hale and whole.

Yes, we are safe.

Yes, we still have a roof over our heads.

Truly, there are things to be grateful for.

A shoutout of thanks to all my friends who texted, called, ym'd, fb'd, twitted, and commented their concern and support. But my most special thanks goes to Jay Vee and Ting Ting Cojuangco (who chose to celebrate his birthday by being there at my house to provide manpower), both of whom helped me lift the old and heavy furniture around the house, and hosed down and scrubbed away the muck. To my school girl-friends, my special thanks, too, for washing the dishes and knick knacks that need to be cleaned (it was a sight to see PKF sitting down on a small plastic timba washing the dishes in a metal palanggana. Wearing a bolero skirt with matching boots. Leather high-heeled boots, mind you. Tell me, how bonnga can that get pa? lolz). And for those whose rooms and beds provided me respite at the end of the tiring days of cleaning up, my heartfelt thanks, too. Mapa-kama man o mapasahig, ang importante nakatulog ako ng mabuti. To all of you, you gave meaning to the phrase "walking the talk." May your tribe increase a hundredfold!


  1. I'm happy to hear Musa is safe, E.W.
    And while I can only imagine the heartbreak of your material losses, looks like you already have a fresh perspective on things.

    Here's to a brand-new start.

  2. awwww EW, glad to help! wish i could've done more <3. and happy to hear about the peace you found in letting go of the material :)

    ehem ehem.. Musa.. when SHE saw you come home. kulit. lol

  3. Rude:well, it's a better choice than moping around right? ;)

    tuloy ang ligaya!

    and thanks. i appreciate it :)

    pkf: he's a HE, dammit. lolz

    more? i can still use help :D

  4. the more we face death through its honest form like flooding or earthquake, we get in touch with life even more.

    siguro nga almost all things are not permanent, pero men are born to search for things that will last forever..

  5. yeah, think about it as an opportunity to add new things on your own scrapbook.

    when God takes something, he gives something back. something bigger and better. :)

  6. Dabo: in these times, you realize that the most basic things are the important ones :)

    Welcome back! miss ko mga comments mo ;)

    Max: me likey big things hihhihi

  7. Catch: but of course! he's smart and ma-abilidad :D