Monday, December 21, 2009

Avatar, or The Amazing Dumb Blondness of Eternal Wanderer

Eternal Wanderer is such a ditzy dumb blond.  He was at Trinoma last Saturday to have his usual movie date with EB.  Actually, EB didn't really want to go out of his house, but all that Eternal Wanderer had to do was flip make wagaway his long flaxen locks at EB, and voila, EB was out of his house in no time.

That always does the trick! teehee

Anyhoo, Eternal Wanderer was pretty much excited to watch the movie.  Come to think of it what was more fun that watching something about the likes of instant chat messaging and the wonderful world of Yahoo?  He thought he could pick up ideas on how to dress up and style his image on the upper right side corner of the YM chat window.

After all, that's what an Avatar is, right?

Oh boy, was Eternal Wanderer in for a surprise!

In fairness, Eternal Wanderer really enjoyed all those the special effects galore and the tropical world idea.  Since Pandora was all bright and sunny, he could even fancy himself sunbathing on one of those floating island thingies.  And wouldn't it totally fab to insert his golden long hair into the nozzles of one of those those flying thingies and say, "Okay, hunnie! Skip EDSA and let's do some serious shopping at Greenbelt 5!"

However, Eternal Wanderer had a major brainfart of a headache, too.  He actually found the themes of  the evils of imperialism, greedy capitalism, xenophobia, and insider vs. outsider a tad overdone.  Even if  he likes things being shoved down his throat, blatant preaching isn't really one of them.  A fourth into the film, he wanted to bitchslap James Cameron and scream in a shrill voice, "I so get it, alright?! Now can we see some drool-inducing Sam Worthington booty, please?!!"
Oh dear, Eternal Wanderer.  Your naughty and dumb blondness never ceases to be amazing!


  1. it was like a beautiful dream no?


  2. Yj: if sam worthington was in my dreams, it'll be very very wet for sure lolz

  3. Clipped: aw.

    i'll tell max na samahan ka manood!


  4. hahaha. naimagine ko tuloy ikaw as a Na'vi with goldilocks hair tapos ipaplug mo nga yung tip sa flying thingies na yun while saying your dialogue. hahaha!

  5. Max: dabah?! kelangan ako ang stariray sa mga Na'vi!


  6. other than that busy din sa work.. I'm becoming a workaholic...

    I still have'nt seen it...