Monday, April 19, 2010

Eternal Wanderer is Grateful

Thank goodness, I'm over that nasty bump.  I hate it when episodes like those occur. They're nasty, and absolutely ruin my long, flaxen locks perfectly coiffed into a sweeping french twist.


So what have I been up to? Well aside from doing the Martha Stewart and My Chauffeur things, I've recently added the mamang janitor mode to my ever increasing domestic curriculum vitaeRuddie isn't the only only one going gaga over the heat - it's torturing my poor Musa as well.  He's been panting like crazy and leaving slob marks all over the floor. Ergo, not only did I have sweep the entire house, but I also had to mop it twice over just to take out the dried laway of Musa.

I'm not complaining though, because it's fun dressing up in a french maid outfit while doing the house work - trés, trés chic if you ask me ;)

But most of all, it's a good distraction.  There's nothing like keeping busy to fend off the blues.


EB went into overdrive last week trying to cheer me up.  Though it's not really unusual for us to meet on weekdays, I knew his invitation to watch a movie last Wednesday was something out of the ordinary.  We did end up having coffee instead, talking about everything and nothing in particular. To top it off, we were together again last Friday, this time for a very macho bonding of having his car repaired in Banawe St.

Now, if you ask my opinion, cars are way out of my league. Sure, I drive, but for pete's sake, don't even have me change a wheel, much less ask me what's going on under the hood. It's all so...butch! What is it with cars and the machismo thing?

And no, Ruddie, you and your penchant for fast and glitzy cars doesn't make you into a blustering, hunky, and hot male specie I lust over for. Au contraire, you'll always be my favorite fairy this part of the blogosphere ;)

Anyhoo, EB and I met up with Cubao Boy for a Hap Chan dinner over at, ermmm, Cubao lolz.  There, we were joined by some blogger friends of ours, and we all proceeded back at my place to chill out over cake, Coke Zero, water, and red wine.

Good company, good conversation - what else could I have asked for?

It is these small, but important things that reinforce my thought that is far wiser to invest in real friends - though thick or thin, they would be there to prop you up when you badly need the support.
Nada te turbe...todo se pasa - Let nothing disturb you...everything passes - so said St. Teresa de Avila.

To all those who texted, called, YM'd and left comments, thank you.  I am  well, and I am good.  The sun doesn't shine all the time, and your encouragements were a huge help in waiting out the rain.


  1. EW!!! what the heck?!! i totally missed that linked post! i'm glad you're better - domestic duties are such a welcome distraction at times. try de-cluttering, it helps loads for me. big big hugs!

  2. i'm glad you're okay. u had us worried there.

    and yeah, nothing beats being with real friends. i'd like to think i made quite a few in this side of the world. they've always been there when i needed them and vice versa of course)

    "There's nothing like keeping busy to fend off the blues."

    let's keep moving! :D

  3. you never invite me over whenever you hang out in your casa with other bloggers. magtatampo nako niyan sayo. =(

  4. PKF: *hugs* mwah

    City: and move on we shall ;)

    Engel: but you were with other bloggers last sat! :P

  5. wala lang akong ibang choice kaya inimbita kita.. LOL

    love you TS!

  6. It was fucking hot yesterday.

    That is all.

  7. EB: haylavyu too :D

    Ruddie: tell me about how hot you felt ;)