Thursday, August 19, 2010

Office Vignettes 1

From an internal office memo dated August 16, 2010:

Please note that if you are filing a leave or swapping your shifts, submit the request three weeks before the schedules are released.

Immediate Boss

I met up with the band of brothers sans Cubao Boy last week.  We decided to have a few drinks at my place, even if meant I had to call in to Immediate Boss for a sudden half-day.  It was definitely worth it, since I haven't seen the guys in a long time.

We ended up deciding to explore Man4Boys' childhood haunts over the next weekend.  There was little hitch though: I had work on that day.  That meant I'd either be absent, or find someone I could swap shifts with. Fortunately, an office mate of mine graciously agreed to the exchange.  I told Immediate Boss about the arrangement, and he said he'd inform the HR about it.

A few days later, I followed up my request with Immediate Boss.  Since he was just beside me, I noticed at once that his brows were gathering in a knot.


"They said yes to the swap.  Next time, tell me way in advance. I had to exchange a lot of e-mails to get approval," he said curtly.


I ended up giving two mini-packs of Ferrero Rocher as a thank-you token; one to him, and another to my office mate.


In my idle moments, I take time to talk to the powers that be on the floor.  I usually ask about what they job entails them to do and why they chose to be in that particular department.  These conversations turn out be be very interesting.  I get to learn more about the ins-and-outs of the whole business.  It gives me a clearer perspective on what path to take in terms of career-direction in the company.  It also makes me visible to the higher-ups, too.

It isn't because I need to be all the more visible.  This early, I'm already infamous as they guy who lugs around a whole 1.5 bottle of Coke Zero on the floor.  Whenever I have lunch in the pantry with some of my floor mates I still haven't interacted with, I inevitably get asked the question, "Can you finish up the whole bottle?!"

Of course I can, you silly boys and girls.  Not to mention it gives me some sort of trademark within the office.  Very nifty branding, isn't it?

But I digress.

Being on the radar has its own disadvantages, too.  Remember Department Head I was introduced to by Big Boss?  He's a very gay animated and accommodating guy to converse with.  I never fail to say hi to him whenever I see him on the floor or the smoking area.

However, soon after I hit the floor, he told me across the aisle, "I'm gonna listen to your next call!"  

It's usually the coaches who  just do that; Now, I'd end up being monitored by the coach AND him at the same time. On my third day!

"Make sure it's a quick call a," he said jestingly.

I almost peed in my pants when the screen flashed with an incoming call.

Office Vignettes 2


  1. tamang diskarte yan, be visible to the powers that be. nagdadagdag lang ako ng comment para kunwari, ako ang top. LMAO

  2. yoko na mag comment dito e, laging nababawasan ung points ko dun sa KTD ahahha teka til when ang training mo?

  3. Drew: di naman. i'm just a quiet and unassuming person ;)

    Caridad: adek ka!

    Soltero: aw finished na. nakaka-lande na ako fully sa opisina weeeeee

  4. The one who sits next to the source of power becomes powerful himself. Hehehe.

  5. And so, with another turn of event, I bow down to the Great Eternal Wanderer and his wandering skills.


    Teacher! I need lessons on how you do it.

  6. Mugen: ganun ba yun?

    Guy: weh. trust me, i'm new to these things!

  7. Conio: wag naman. baka pag-initan ako ni immediate boss :P

  8. City: like most things, i do it because i enjoy it ;)