Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Journey That Both Ends and Continues

Not so long ago, someone pointed out that the name and the URL of my blog go hand in hand together. To be honest, I never intended them to be that way. They were created out of a whim, with no underlying implications whatsoever. But I do remember the time Bonbon snarkily retorted that the URL rather erred on the pretentious side.

Well, it is my blog, Bonbon. And I'm very much entitled to name it as I want and write stuff as I want, am I not?


Four years and three hundred and forty-seven posts later, plus almost a month of not posting, I sit down in front of my desktop, and ask myself, "Well, Ternie, have you found anything in your search for the truth in life?"

To be blunt about it - no.

I haven't found anything remotely resembling the truth so far.

What I did find was that blogging provided an avenue for me to write out my stories. I shared my experiences, and I shared my hobbies. I shared my closet nerdiness. I may have even a tad overshared once in a while. Admittedly, some narratives may have been tweaked for narrative’s sake - although I'd really rather call them filtered. All of these stories are part of myself. Not everything; but yes, these are integral parts of who I was, who I am, and perhaps even who I will be.

In the process of sharing my stories, I have made acquaintances with the readers of my blog. Most of these readers are fellow bloggers themselves. Some of them made the leap from cyber into the real world. A few of them ended up as good friends of mine. And a handful of them of them even ventured into the pseudo romantic territory.

Regardless of whether it is the cyber or the real-world kind, these relationships, platonic or otherwise, carry a stamp of validity. I'd like to think I invested time and effort in them, thus forging their legitimacy in my own book.

Come to think of it, perhaps these are the very truths in life that I am in search of.

Then again, perhaps not.

Regardless of which, I shall continue my trek - if not in the blogosphere, then in real life.

As it should always be.


Thank you, readers and fellow bloggers.

This part of the journey was well spent, indeed.


  1. what does this post mean?!

    ruddie o, si ternie!!!

  2. I was just thinking about this post you had about this spanish boy. Aliw na aliw ako.

    And then I read the ending. Oh no, Ternie. Not you too.

    Engel, nawawala na din si Ruddie. Mawawala pa ata si Ternie. Nakakalungkot naman. Sino nalang naiwan? :(

  3. We will forever be in search of the truth in life. It is a cycle, but we must not get tired of it.

    I wonder, too, what does this post mean?

  4. you're ending your blog?!?! boooo

  5. Ah Ternie, perhaps it is time to look for a better avenue.


  6. would you like to know what the i-ching says?

  7. Another one bites the dust.

    It was nice reading you. Till next time.

  8. Oh, Ternie...


    Drama queen. Snap out of it.

  9. What rudeboy said. Everyone should slap you out of it! ;))

  10. i still haven't found what i'm looking for?
    napakanta ka, ano?

    blog ka na uli!

  11. I"m your 150th follower... yay!
    And I like the url of your name... it's cool