Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Post Laced with Anger and Dripping with Bitterness


Yes, you.

This post has been sitting in my draft for a month or two already. I would've posted it, save for the fact that I was on blog hiatus in the interim. But for what's it worth, here it goes.

Fuck you.

For all the blustering and bravado the you exude, you're pretty much a rotten reason for a human being. 

Dude, I know you're smart. You never fail to crow about it. But believe you me, you pretty much fail in in the people-smarts department.  You might as well just be a walking brain with a lumbering ZERO emotional quotient. And please, don't give me the that's-how-I-am-take-it-or-leave-it song and dance number. That's such a pathetic excuse. 

Admit it. You're just lazy to strive to be a better person. Then again, I don't blame you. There are actually some people who condone the verbal and emotional abuse you heap on them. I pity them.

No, wait let me revise that.

I pity you.

I pity you because it gives you the false feeling that the world revolves around you. Well, news flash here: it doesn't work that way. You should never treat people like your personal doormat just to over-inflate your ego that already bursting at the seams. It reeks of deep-seated insecurities that no amount of boorishness can ever cover up. It's disgusting behavior, really.

But what's more disgusting is that I actually indulged it, albeit for a couple of weeks. At first, I thought it was your way of trying to push the limits of human debasement. I did try to play your game, only to find out that it wasn't a game at all. I should've read the writing on the wall right from the very start. It was clearly written in bold letters, and it read like this:

Seriously, I just want to bash myself in the head for missing it.

I may not be Mr. Perfect, nor Mr. Goody-Goody, but you, unkind sir, are definitely one for the books.

As a final rejoiner, let me reiterate it once more: I've never met such a rotten reason for a human being.  And I pray to the good Lord Almighty I never do again.


  1. Good vibes Miss Minchin!! Isipin na lang si future boyfie! Yiiiiiiiiii!!!!

  2. Waw. galit teh? Ay, hindi. Hmm. Made me think kung sino ito. And this has been in your unpublished stash for more than a month now, yet the feeling seems, still very intense, or else you would have edited it.

  3. Well that explains the hiatus.

    We're better off, Ternie. I can ramble on and on using one cliche after another but ganun parin. We keep giving our hearts to assholes expecting it'll be different but it never is. Isn't that what Einstein defines as insanity?

    Or nagt-transference lang ako. lol

  4. If a person hurts you its better to forget that person completely, and remove him/her on your mind kasi at the end ikaw din ang nagsusuffer.

  5. i want to memorize this and burst it the moment i encounter another "rotten excuse for a human being" with quotation acknowledgement of course- haang taray taray!

  6. You know Ternie, I always had this impression of you as bubbly and light and cheery, all sunshine and rainbow. But sometimes, it does come across as an act (or maybe it's just me). Look at what Mugen said.

    It's good to know there's lightning and thunder too.

    @Citybuoy: NYL!!!! Nakakaloka ka!!! HAhahhahaa. Tama bang mag transference??? Hahhaa


  7. Mugen: shhhh ayiiiii!!!

    Green: ay tinamad na akong i-edit :P

    City: nah, that's just among other things ;)

    you win some, you lose some. but life goes on.

    Coño: wag na. baka awayin mo pa :P

    Lone: tamaaaah :D

    Kaloy: i bow. chenkyu hahahahaha

    huy, mabait kaya ako! hihihihi

  8. Kane: one can't be all bubbly and sunshine-y all the time. that's too stepford wife-ish (scary thought)!

    for every ying there should always be a yang. it's the balance in the duality that one should always strive for, right?

    *nosebleed* hahahaha

  9. "...You know Ternie, I always had this impression of you as bubbly and light..."

    Cali Shandy amputz!

    Also, I agree with what lonewolf said. There will always be some people who need to be erased from our lives, if not from existence itself.

    Or in Tagalog: "Ibaon mo na sila sa limot, kung di man sa lupa."

  10. This is not the Ternie I know who kids a lot and likes to post about swallowing or not.

    But then again, this person just brought out the worst in you.

    Relax! Honey, he's not worth the wrinkles.

  11. Ruddie: AHAHAHAHAHAHA@cali shandy!!!

    feathers were definitely ruffled, mais, c'est la vie.

    Guy: i had to use extra-copious amounts of my secret cream to avoid the wrinkles.

    at least i had good excuse not to swallow lolz

  12. Nakakatakot ka magalit koya! ;P

  13. i see a bad moon rising LOL. I'm glad the agony is over for you. was this about the i-ching reading before?

  14. Orochi: you never did tell me what the i-ching said :(

  15. oooh i did! it's on the topic where you posted

  16. 31. Being Affected
    Line 4:

    Persistence brings good fortune, aversion goes away.
    Wishes, wishes, come and go.
    Companions follow your intentions.

    Having wishes. By making a decision and sticking to it, people can actually go with what you want. Then things will go well and aversion will go away.
    Line 6:

    Affecting the jaws, cheeks and tongue.

    Trying to influence others with superficial talk.

    Hexagram is changing to:
    53. Gradual Development

    Gradual development.
    The woman marries.
    Good fortune.
    It is beneficial to persist.

    A gradual development is taking place. Things go well. It's good to persevere.
    (The woman marrying refers to the gradual development that led to the actual marriage of a woman in the times of the Yijing.)

    seriously. random toss of coins and this came up. i dunno how or what your take on this would be. i do know that you are at the crossroads. you are asked to be careful about "settling down". Do let me know if there is anything that you may whish to ask=)
    Thursday, July 14, 2011
    Orochimaru said...

    i pray that Orisha Ochossi guides you in finding what you seek, Eternal Wanderer=)
    Thursday, July 14, 2011

  17. it's ok to be mad
    it helps alot to ease the pain and to forget the pass

    go teh ternie!

  18. waaaaaaah! self conversation ulit! haha