Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ramblings 2

The low, steady hum of the electric fan is lulling me to flesh out writing once more. Unstrangely enough, it's past one in the morning. It seems like the whole world is hushed, affording me the peace and quietude that is seemingly elusive during the light of day.

It's during these post-midnight forays that introspection comes into fore. I most certainly have been taking sweet time in enjoying my down-time these past few months. No regrets, because every decision in life is a choice. And I have chosen to hide myself from the world, to flee from all contact that has been my comfort zone all these years. Ironically though, solitude has been equally comforting as well. How long this will last, I have no idea. I shall let myself be whim to the tides of life and let it wash me over to wherever shore it fancies me to bring.