Friday, February 27, 2009

25 Random things about me, or how I succumbed to this meme

1. I love the house in Kamias. I can’t picture living anywhere but in it. There’s nothing like home!

2. Call it geeky, but I never outgrew my love for comics.

3. Ditto for the Dragonlance series. I read the first novel when I was ten, and I keep on re-reading the main books even until now.

4. I put a premium on friends. They are family to me.

5. All my years in the Ateneo College Glee Club and the Madz have been integral in shaping the person that I am today. The 14 or so years with them weren’t just music-making; it was character-forming. I may not be verbally demonstrative about it, but lemme just say it for once: I love you guys.

6. I get a kick at analyzing a good volleyball game. I’m serious.

7. Once I’m focused on something, I never let up on it. Of course, how to get me focused is another topic altogether :P

8. I learned to read books because when I was a kid, my mom took away the TV for about four years. Thanks Ma. That was one of the wisest decisions you made for me.

9. I’m close to both my dad and mom, but on different levels. With my dad, there’s an easy-going thing between us because that’s how he is. With my mom, it’s a more formal and intellectual type of relationship. But I love ‘em both, nonetheless.

10. When there’s good conversation going around a-plenty, it puts me in the mood.

11. You can never talk to me until I’ve had my first stick of cigarette in the morning. Never. Yes, it’s that bad.

12. I want to learn how to bake a cake. Soon.

13. I have a Rhodesian ridgeback. He may be a grumpy sonnavabitch, but Musa loves me to death. Even if occasionally growls at me hehehe

14. I regret not training as a setter when I was a kid.

15. At this point in my life, I try to stay away from anything that’s a vexation to the soul (TING TING ALERT). After all, wallowing in negativity isn’t really a pleasant fixation, is it?

16. Speaking of fixations, I am prone to being addictive.

17. I value peace, silence, and solitude. That’s why I love the wee hours in the morning when everything is in repose. The stillness is balm for my spirit.

18. You can dispense with the TV, but under no circumstance can you take away the internet from me.

19. Believe it or not, I am introverted by nature.

20. Cororally Corollary (thanks Deeps aka Mistress Helga) to that, it has always been easy for me to be aloof, distant, formidable, and guarded. But my closest friends know it’s all a façade.

21. Being a “people” person is a skill that I’ve been trying to hard to work at. I envy those who are naturals at it.

22. I have manic bouts of extreme chirpiness and hyperactivity. Conversely, I also can have serious black modes, as in the don’t-even-try-to-talk-to-me-if-you-know-what’s-good-for-you kind of modes.

23. Binge drinking is something I’m very familiar with, so that’s why I’ve been staying away from alcohol as much as possible since 2001.

24. I’m not really one to wear my heart on my sleeves, but for some weird reason, I cry whenever there’s a book passage or a movie scene that strikes a personal chord with me

25. Writing doesn’t really come easy to me, but since I was already tagged twice with this meme, I might as well try it out ;)


  1. # 23 my problem too. hard! . . . Trip directed me to your blog. keep blogging. and oh i luv the Madz. i watch whenever i can ;-)

  2. Comes, with the addictive territory, I guess

    <<< excuses


    Thanks for the read Mk!

  3. I undergo through 22 and 24, too. 22 hasn't manifested in a while, but 24 has been prevalent. Very prevalent.