Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In Search Of is Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Of all the darn things that could happen, the hard disk of my desktop bricked on me.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

And to think I was about to buy a new external hard disk just to back up the friggin' data.


Will be back as soon I sort out this thing.


  1. kagabi mo pa inaayos yan ah. i think you need help na.

  2. Sucks dude!! AHRGGGG!!! :( Hope you recover your files

    On a more selfish note, thank you for the reminder. I've been wanting to buy an external for a long ass time - straight to the shop I'll go this weekend!

  3. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck."

    So much for busilak, mayumi, at dalisay.

  4. Engel: i'm jst gonna let it rest for a few weeks, then i'll have a go at it again.


    PKF: you should. as in like NOW!

    Ruddie: hey, give me leeway here.

    am under extreme duress.


  5. Oh, oh. But be wary of the type you buy. I splurged on a 1.5TB, only to find out (after a month of use) that our computers won't recognize it anymore. Sigh.

    I had all my Sean Codies stored there.

  6. Manech: was it seagate or western digital?

  7. Forget that Seagate or WD shiz, Manech. What I want to know is, did you have backups of those Sean Codys?

  8. and cute talaga ng tadhana, just when you are about to do something right and back up your files, ayan at nag-bug down ang hard disk.

    i hope you'll recover everything that you need.

  9. Ruddie: randy blue is better lolz

    Lee: i hope so. hayz

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  11. ang hahalay naman ng mga tao dito! lol

    hurry back ha!

  12. Thanks for the warning! I will have my data stored in another hard disk. Its better to be redundant than to lose a decades worth of data just because of a hard disk crash.

  13. Travailer: ask citybuoy hahahaha

    City: sure, if you anser travailer kaagad lolz

    Galen: kaya ang mga sc at rb, i-TRIPLE back up wahahaha

  14. Rude: the so much for busilak comment was brill. :)

    And no, I didn't have any back-up. It was more than 20GB of SC, so I was too lazy to burn it.

    Ternie: But Corbin Fisher's just as good. :)

    And it was WD. Why?

  15. Well I do hope that you'll be back soon enough :-)

    I don't think buying 1TB is advisable at the present. There are still things that needed to be sorted out. Personally, I have 2 500G, 1 80G, and 2 40G to handle all back up files I have. Expensive, yes, but necessary.

    SC vs RB? I prefer Corbin Fisher :p

  16. Manech <<< a true porn connoisseur wahahaha

    p.s. me likey CF, too ;)

    Menthos: are you running a server or what?! lolz

    surprisingly, seagate has issues with their 1 and 1.5 tb hds. wd is better daw, but as manech experienced... :(

  17. aaaaaaaaaaaay pano na yng mga sex vids mo? hahahahaha

  18. Yj: teh, naka-upload na sa lifeout at xtube noh! AHAHAHAHAHA

  19. Nope, not servers. I just love downloading stuff and I'm always running out of space hahaha

  20. Menthos: aha! you're the reason manila is perpetually on bandwidth cap.

    i'm telling you, stop downloading all the cf's available! ahahaha

  21. napadaan! nice blog! hopefully maayos ASAP ang iyong Laptop.

  22. Atom: nakow, yung main hd yun ng desktop ko. di ko naman nagamit an laptop ko as heavily as i do sa desktop hehehe

    salamat sa pagdaan a! balik ka madalas ;)