Monday, March 1, 2010

Roadkill of a Heart

No recriminations, no bitterness. I understand where you're coming from.

It may not have been grand, it may not have been a lot, but I'd like to believe there was SOMETHING. It was that something that fueled all those times I chose to keep you company through the night. It was that something that fueled my patience in trying to adjust to who and what you are.  It was that something the fueled my acceptance of our difficult situation.

The pain is not about what happened. Like I said, I understand where you're coming from.  Everyone has the innate longing for the physical touch, you and I not exempted.  How I wish I'd be the one to provide you with that need; and you to me. But circumstances dictate otherwise.

The pain is about how I feel you just let go without a fight.

If there was something I would've asked from you, it would have been that you fought
for the late nights spent talking about everything and nothing.
for the all-too brief moments shared together.
for the I-love-you's spoken between us.

But whether I like it or not, things did not turn out that way.

And by way of parting, your apologies are acknowledged and accepted.

Because from the very start, that's all I wanted to give you: your happiness and peace of mind.


No one has ever said that break-ups are easy. But after the dust has settled and things have been put into perspective, going over the what has been written makes me, well, want to...


Do enjoy the exposing my then-roadkill of a heart.  I'd like to think it makes a good, if not over-saccharinely lyrical reading ;)


  1. nothing wrong with lyricism. It's integrity, purity of intention, and expression that matters. Kudos on putting your heart on your sleeve. No apologies necessary.

  2. your then roadkill of a heart was rather endearing. :D or maybe i'm a bit of a sadist. lol

  3. shet! nini jacinto.. di ko pa binabasa pero title pa lang naramdaman ko nang naputol ang ang pulso ko haha

  4. eto ba yung kinakausap mo nung Saturday?! =P

  5. City: bdsm much ey? kikeh! ;)

    Dabo: aw. kakayanin ba ni nini jacinto itu? lolz

    Engel: tseeeeeeh di a ahahahaha

  6. Cast your words unbridled and unabashed. Let your emotions frolic in the prose, candid and honest. Let the wind uplift the tired heart, and offer the words to the heavens.

    Thinking, believing, that the fates would hear your plea. And all will be well. Soon.

  7. susko, ano na nangyari sa ampalaya?

    i'm so proud i get teary-eyed, hahaha!

  8. Red: that's why i'm able to post this stuf aleady becuase all is good, and all is well ;)

    John Stan: teh, lam mo naman na hate ko yung amapalya na gulay noh! hahahaha

  9. for all the description, from an outsider's standpoint, the post doesn't seem to signal that you really get what that something is/was?

  10. Tim: any roadkill, hearts included, is never pretty to look at :P

    hey thanks for leaving a comment! do feel fee to look aound my other posts, too :D

  11. Line: that's the great mystery of the heart. it explicitly understands that which is implicit.

    hey, thanks for coming back after a LONG time! :D do pass by more often ;)

  12. gusto kong mag-comment ng... no comment. hehe ;D

  13. Being emotionally transparent is what blogging anonymously is all about. Because you can bare your heart out with out any fear of someone knowing who you really are.

    heartbreaks never come easy. But without them, we will never learn our lessons in life.

  14. When everything else fails, your blog remains. Blog away about roadkills! LOL.

  15. *peeks in*


    I know this music.

  16. Darc: may ganun? :P

    Menthos: can i pass on the roadkill? please? lolz

    Victor: yeah, my blog and i are tight ;)

    hey, thanks for leaving a comment :D by all means, do pass by often!

    Ruddie: peek all you want, you hot, hot boy! hahahaha