Friday, February 26, 2010

In Search Of, One Year Later

When I created this blog way back in 2007, I never really expected that I would be able to sustain writing continuously. True enough, I did not, except for a couple of entries. In fact, I never even wrote a single post in 2008.

But things turned around in 2009. I got to chat with Trip and E, and I showed them the meager contents of what I considered my then-defunct blog. Surprisingly, they encouraged me to write on a regular basis. Trip even linked me up in his extremely popular blog, and encouraged his visitors to read my posts. Soon enough, people were starting to comment on what I was writing.

One whole year later, after 160-plus posts, I look at the title of my blog, which reads, "In Search Of." When he first saw my blog, Ting Ting Cojuangco asked, "Eternal Wanderer, what are you searching for?" I said, "I do not know." Now, if you ask me if I already know the answer to that question, I would still say, "No, I do not."

That is the reason why, on the eve of what I consider my blog's real anniversary, I am still writing.

For when I write, I forge on with my journey.

And with that journey, I hope that one day, I may truly know what I am in search of.


  1. happy anniversary!

    ay mish youuu! mwah!

  2. happy anniversary! :D baguhan lang ako sa blog mo but i find myself smiling everytime i see na may new post ka. thanks for entertaining all of us.

    sabi nga sa that's entertainment, nasayo na lahat kaya ang wish ko nalang sayo ay more power, more projects at [ako nalang nagdagdag nito] more more boys! :D

  3. i hope you will not find what you're looking for.

    bwahahaha! mwah!

  4. You're so Scarlett Johansson in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Love it. :)

  5. Ruddie: chenkyu!

    when are you making your bday libre?!

    Kapitan ng Ulap Ko: chenks! haymishutoo mwaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    City: nyemas, imagery ko tuloy sa yo e german moreno ahahahahhaha

    thanks, thanks :D

    John Stan: mean ka. harumpft. lolz

    Manech: aw. now that movie i have to watch then hehehehe

  6. Conio: aaaaaaaaaw. thanks.



  7. Sorry. Happy Anniversary nga pala.

    Here's to more posts. :)

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  9. happy blogversary teacher ternie!!!

    you're one of those blogs i'm glad i've stumbled upon.


  10. when you find it, let me know. i'm looking din..

  11. Iuri: salami hehehe

    Trvailer: eh?

    Engel: aw. may ganun? weeeeee chenks :D

    PKF: apir!

  12. Happy blog anniversary, EW. :) Keep on writing!

  13. happy blog anniv. pahabol! hahaha.

  14. Travailer: chneks!

    Mak: hey welcome back! salamat :D

    Max: hahahaha chenkyu chekyu ;)

  15. Happy blog anniversary.. POKPOK KA!

    love you! mwah! ;)

  16. Kate Moss: supah mowdel in da hauz lolz

    love you most!

  17. happy anniv! this calls for an aria. hehe.

  18. happy anniversary :)


  19. Karla: and we both of us shall worship on the altar of LA Divina! lolz

    hey thanks or passing by a :D don't be a stranger ;)

    Darc: chenkyu chenkyu! teka what happened to your blog?!