Friday, February 5, 2010

Ampalaya con Carne Quote # 2

Tugon kapag inecha-pwera:

"Lalaki ka lang. Kayang-kaya kita palitan."


  1. The Celia Rodriguez is strong in this one.

  2. Ibig sabihin ba nun ang babae mahirap palitan? Hehe.

    I have a term for moments like this. Bitter Ocampo. Something I coined 5 years ago.

    Where do you get these things? Ka-inggit naman, lahat ng quotes ko eh masyadong seryoso. :D

  3. Rude: more like ms. rita gomez, if you ask me lolz

    Red: oh, trust me, there lotsa quotable (read:barbed) quips around ;)

    Dhon: why notz? hihihihi

  4. sabay patugtog ng irreplaceable. =)

  5. @ Ternie : Actually, I was originally going to say Rita G., but then remembered that the Great Mrs. Bregendahl is dead.

    Meanwhile, the original Valentina still slithers, spreading terror and bons mots to impressionable fagettes.

  6. the question is KAILAN?

    when all you think about when sipping your coffee is him...
    while driving and listening to a radio is him...
    when getting ready in bed star gazing by your window is him...

    you're still thinking of him... cutie mwah! peace!

  7. Lavinia: ahahahahaha

    Engel: like the policy of the affiliation i used to be in - no one is indespensible :P

    Commuter: how can you not know ms. rita gomez?!

    Ruddie: valid point you got there. but it's always a hard choice between ms. rita and ms. celia hahaha

    Clipped: tseeeeh kaaaaaa :P

  8. this one made me smile for some weird reason unknown to me. Good job!

  9. Menthos: well, it's supposed to be funny in a bitter ocampo sorta way hehehe

    thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! feel free to have a look-see around my blog :D

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  13. Lost: if i recall corectly, i don't think she was a streetwalker. she did manage to hook up with a filthily rich old man who left her oodles of moolah ;)