Friday, February 12, 2010

The Imaginarium of Eternal Wanderer

In the imaginarium of Eternal Wanderer, he sees the perfect set-up at home: his father and mother are still together, the sun is up and shining, and there is no rancor and resentment; all is peace and quiet at home.

Alas, the imaginarium only exists in the movie. Eternal Wanderer lives in real, and not reel life.


Eternal Wanderer loves his father a lot. He also likes to think that his father loves him a lot, too. However, Eternal Wanderer sometimes gets exasperated with his father's idiosyncrasies. And one of his father's quirks is that of women.

Currently, Eternal Wanderer's father has a girlfriend. Nothing really wrong with that. His father is entitled to his own happiness, after all. A happiness that is packaged in a nubile, early-20's, pretty girl.

That's still fine and dandy with Eternal Wanderer. Who wouldn't an eyecandy for a madrasta? However, what is not fine and dandy is that Eternal Wanderer suspects that madrasta is the cause of his father's, how shall we put it delicately, cash flow problems.

And to add more flavor to the dish, Eternal Wanderer has also been the end of his mother's commentaries about his father's financial capabilities. Since since she moved back to the family house along with her adopted daughter, she has had a full view of Eternal Wanderer's father's shenanigans. She obviously doesn't approve of it, and she doesn't hesitate to voice out to Eternal Wanderer what she thinks about the whole hullabaloo.

Now, Eternal Wanderer is torn between being defensive about his father and wanting to whack some sense into his father's head.

Eternal Wanderer is really starting to get exasperated.


In the imaginarium of Eternal Wanderer, he fancies leveling up to his father to talk about the brewing situation.

However, in real life, he is hesitant to do so because it his father's business, not his. It has always been that way, and he is hesitant to disturb the status quo despite his mother's complaints.

But good thing, in real life, Eternal Wanderer has Musa, his ferocious Rhodesian ridgeback. He can probably let loose Musa on madrasta the next time his father sneaks her in the house in the middle of the night.

"Musa, MANGLE!"

*evil grin*

Musa sitting on a chair in front of the desktop monitor. Isn't he adorable?!


  1. Awww so that's Musa.

    Kawaii, kawaii!!!

    As far as your domestic issues go, all I can say at this point, Ternia, is "Mahirap talaga magpalaki ng magulang."

  2. don't want to comment on family matters.

    Musa looks adorable!!!


    wv: coldnes

  3. Ruddie: amp. ternia talaga!


    but yes, that's musa, who loves to usurp my desktop chair and my bed space.

    but i love him, and he loves me! :D

  4. Parang good idea nga ang Musa. Mapapaisip si Daddy. Matutuwa si Mommy. Hehe.

  5. TERNIA!!!!

    Ahahahahahahaha an honest typo error, my bad, my bad.

    Also: "...but i love him, and he loves me! "

    Oooh. The love that dareth speak its name!

  6. Cathy: di ba?! sana naman makuha ni popsy yung message ahahahaha

    Enegl: he is, isn't he? :D

    Rude: tseeeh kaaaaaaa lolz

    and we are so NOT talking about zoophilia here, ok? harhar

  7. Bunwich: this is more fun to make into a movie! :P

    hey, thanks for passing by! don't be a stranger ;)

  8. ako rin, no comment ako sa family matters. :)

    hangkyut ni musa, kaso hannggang picture ko na lang sya pede iadmire kasi takot ako sa aso eh. hehe.

  9. Max: but you told me you love doing the doggie-style!




  10. ang tagal naman kasi ng mmk episodes mo..bilis bilis!!! =)

  11. i tv!!!
    or movies!!! nyahahaha!!!

  12. Paci: aw. di naman ako showbiz nu hihihihi

  13. @maxwell: mukhang di ka makakapasok samin, we have 7 dogs! =P

  14. ach so. das ist nicht so gut. Touchy issues. Domestic problems are the worst because they tug deepest into your heart...

  15. @max, I thought you have overcome the dog fear...

    @EW I dont like dogs... they are too warm to touch..

  16. Clipped: e balita ko naman, mahilig ka daw magpa-dogie.


    why am i tmi-ing too much?


  17. nice Musa, nice chair. i hope the two-seater beside the chair usurped by Musa is not your bed space though. lolz.

    about your family problems: for a change, why don't you tell your Dad upfront what you think. you're old enough now to have your piece!


  18. Red: yes, i love the wooden furniture of my lola. it's very antique chic! :D

    i only tell my mind to my dad when he asks my opinion. ditto with him. and that's what i like about the set up - walang pakialamanan unless consulted bwahahahahaha

  19. Doggie!!!

    I can't be licked by dogs... :/