Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekend Aneurysm

I am condemned to freedom. I am not free because I can make choices, but because I must make them, all the time, even when I think I have no choice to make.
Jean-Paul Sartre
L'être et le néant (Being and Nothingness)


  1. FREEDOM as Being - this is man's damnation...

  2. An existentialist blogger?

    No wonder. ;)

  3. Kaloy: then again, one can chose to view the concept of choice as a galss that that is half-empty, or half full.

    but i'm being a slave to choice here, am i not? :P

    ps. thanks for passing by and leaving a comment! don't be a stranger :D

    Guy: it's a brain fart due to lack of sleep.

    i ought to hit the sack. zzzzz ehehehe

  4. Eternal: Yes you are, inasmuch as we all are slaves to making choices... LOL! And even if we view it positively, we shall be burdened to choose eventually - even NOT CHOOSING is inevitably a choice is it not? Hehehe.

    Thanks for the welcome. Asahan mo basta si Satre... Hehehe.

  5. buntis ka?!!! nagpa-abort ka ba?

  6. the irony when one does nothing: either he is a coward..or perhaps the opposite...

  7. Kaloy: some people view existentialism as a tad bit gloomy.

    i say it's realistic ;)

    ps. you're welcome :)

    Dabo: gagah, existentialism ang pinag-uusapan dito, di pro-choice ahahahaha

    Geek: but action, or in action for that matter, boils down to choice, does it not? ;)

  8. hmmm..carrie, help! paki explain nga sa aken ito! bwahhahah :P

  9. apparently, this is of the most illusive fallacious form.

    however, still profound.

    (wv: masking)

  10. Yas: aw. it's sartre's words, not mine.

    besides, i really doubt if i could ever come up with that kind of brain fart.

    ever :P

    ps. like i did to kaloy, i'd like to thank you for passing by and leaving a comment! :D

  11. Ternie, you did Kaloy? Hahahaha. Ayan ka na naman, teh. Choz!

    Soltero, transliteration, verbatim:

    "Ako'y sinumpa sa kalayaan. Hindi ako malaya dahil kaya kong pumili, kundi kailangan kong mamili, sa lahat ng oras, kahit sa tingin kong wala akong mapili/mapagpilian."

    Parang kaparusahan baga ang kalayaan. Hindi ito isang kapangyarihan na nagbibigay-kaganapan sa buhay ng tao, bagkus ay isang hatol na dapat gampanan ng isang tao.

    Maligayang Buwan ng Wika sa Inyong Lahat.

    -Mariah Claratin

  12. Caridad: isa kan tunay na Severino "Lola Basyang" Reyes!


    ps. ang ganda ng iyong salin ;)

  13. Carrie: Nope, he did not do me... at least not yet. Hehehehe. (insert naughty grin here). Panalo yung translation - iba talaga epekto ng Pilospiya kapag nasa Filipino na. While the grasp of meaning may be the same, its cognition and more importantly, subsequent appreciation is best had in Filipino... (Ngak - parang ironic ung statement... Hehe. MBNW din sa lahat.)

  14. Eternal Wanderer,

    I was a young boy when I first read Sartre's works.

    "Existence precedes essence."

    So which is which?


  15. Pero mahirap talaga pag wala ka ng no choice. Or pag sumakit ang headache mo!

  16. Kane: ahmmm i most certainly hope that was a rhetorical question :P

    thanks for leaving a comment, by the way! :D

    City: you silly boy, you hahahahaha

  17. weee...salamat karidad at naintindihan ko din bwahhaha :P