Friday, December 3, 2010

Masks (A Re-post)

I am Eternal Wanderer, but yet I am just a mask.

It is not me, but it is still me.

It is not the whole of me, but a part of who I am.

We all put on masks. Different masks to different people. To our parents. To our siblings. To our friends. To our lovers.

Sometimes, we even layer it. One at a time. A careful and calculated construction.

At the end of the day, we take it off.

I take it off.

Only to discover that I am the mask underneath.

Have I become the mask, or has the mask become me?

A postscript to Kane's entry.

P.S. Sorry di ako maka-reply kaagad sa last post. Sobrang toxic ang projects na binigay sa akin sa opisina. Nakasalalay ang promotion ko sa mga 'to! :P Pahinga muna mode muna ako mula sa pagkukwento tungkol sa teleserye namin ni Pedro Penduko. Abangan na lang ang susunod na kabanata hehehe


  1. bakit walang glitters at feather ang mask mo.

    mine has.

    sige, magpa canton ka na lang pag promoted na.


  2. pa-tira tira (yung candy) ka na rin pag na-promote ka to slave level 2, ha. Echos! Mwah. Love u

  3. Ahhh... who we are to diifferent people. I agree, we show different parts of ourselves to different people.

    But there must be someone to whom we can show everything, is there?


  4. Madame Chuni: para very elegant and understated hihihihi

    Caridad: mmwaaaaaah

    Kane: is there even such a person?

  5. Masks, facades, put-ons - all these are part of who we are. Deceptions? It is not if that's not what you're trying to portray in the first place.

  6. Guy: true.

    but my question is, do you become the portrayal, or does the portrayal become you? ;)

  7. The portrayal becomes me. Goes with the flow, you become someone while still being you - attaching a part of you.

  8. Guy: ah, and i was hoping you'd the method actor type :P

  9. Hot Bike: as the saying goes, it's not how short it is ;)

    salamat sa pagdaan at pag-comment! don't be a stranger :D

  10. sabi ni wifey: there's another side that i don't hide but may never show

  11. Raft3r: may tinatagong lihim ka pala hihihi

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  13. i had to delete my previous comment, kasi i made it when i was DRUNK. lol

    pero totoo. ang hirap minsan idistinguish kung sino ka bang talaga at certain times. conformity and satiating what people expect you to be can be very dehumanizing.

    i can say that i feel lost because of this, which is why i opt sometimes to have an alone time, just to gather my thoughts, and really try to listen to what my hearts tells me.

  14. Claudio: lolz@drunk

    existentialism is good tool for introspection. but like most philosophies, they are meant to act as guideposts in how you lead your life. They are not meant as an end-all, nor should they be a trap to be mired in.

    easy ka lang sa emo ;)