Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random Thoughts at 5 A.M.

1. I just finished special project # 2 for the office yesterday.  At my level, only two of us are being pulled out to handle projects for the entire account and not just our line of business.  So far, everything I've been involved with has been very successful. Mabangong-mabango ako sa ExeCom of the account. They know me even if we haven't been formally introduced. Hmmm, can I smell the promotion just around the corner? Teehee

2. Another thing that's around the corner is Christmas, but I don't remotely feel the season. I don't want to come across as jaded, but whoever said Christmas is just for kids might be right after all :(

3. Speaking of the two of us, I'm actually starting to hate the girl I'm usually partnered up with for the account projects. Even if I will always be grateful for her acts of kindness during my first few weeks on the floor, working up-close with her has made me see her Hyde side.  She's bossy and doesn't know how to delegate. It's a case of  "mine, mine, and all, MINE!" Worse, she loves to engage in gossip about other people on the floor, something which I'm allergic to.

4. Should I move into Operations or go into Training? My ex-Immediate Boss told me he sees me in Training. He said they need more people who can explain things clearly and in simple terms. But an account Operations Manager told me he sees me in Operations because I'm competitive and up to a good challenge.

5. Our line of business is about to be pulled out.  My friend in the workforce department was right, after all. "Ang dami nyong avail masyado," she said. The volume is of calls is just too low. The  99% service level for the past two and a half months is simply ridiculous.  By next month, we'll be re-deployed to other lines of businesses within the same account.   Good news is they're in the permanent day-shift. Bad news is bye-bye night differential and hello rush hour MRT grrrrrr

6. I miss Pedro Penduko and his magical cock mahiwagang manok huhuhuhu


  1. Sa lahat ng sinabi mo sa No. 6 lang ako naka relate.



    Merry Christmas Ternie!

    Celebrate Christmas, bata ka pa.


  2. Madame Chuni: at isang maligaya (dahil sa lalaki) na pasko rin sa yo!

  3. Operations!! madalas ang nauuna ang retrenchment sa Training dba? altho s aline of work mo naman yta eh importante ang Training..

    Hmmm..insecure cguro si ate sa ganda mo, ayaw sya patalbog!

    hanglandi mo, mahilig ka talga sa COCK! lols

  4. Soltero: maraming pang-sabong na manok dito sa bahay.

    ang standard line ko kapag nagsisipagtilaukan sila e, "it takes a good cock to wake me up in the morning. the noiseir, the better."




    It takes a good cock to wake u up in the morning ka jan....I'm sure kahit anong COCK e magigising ka! bwahhahaa!


  6. Soltero: aba, ikaw ba'y di magising sa sabungan tuwing umaga? ahahahaha

  7. wow! promotion! wooohooo! hihi

    go kuya! ayaw mo sa workforce? :)

  8. The visionary in me tells you will take the training position. Ikaw pa, Miss Minchin eh talagang gusto mong nasa classroom setting. Lolz.

  9. Ako din i dont feel xmas pa. and most women are like that kasi bossy talaga sila

    wow avail kayo its a miracle, kasi kami usually pagganitong month eh sobra daming calls except pag xmas at thanksgiving day.

  10. magkokomento sana ako sa sabungan, pero sidetracked na. Ang gigising na lang sa kin sa umaga eh sabungan... sa loob ko. LOLz Charot!!!

  11. I'm sure kahit anong COCK e magigising ka! bwahhahaa!

    gaya ng SLA nyo, no doubt!


  12. ganun ba kalaki ang night diff at pinanghihinayangan mo kapalit ng regular na oras ng pagtulog?

  13. Nim: naku, di ko ata feel kaharap ang excel buong shift at mag sisisgaw ng "acw!!!" hahahaha

    Mugen: training ey? you think so? :D

    Hard: ay naku akala nga namin nung sat black fri sale e maraming calls. but no, avail pa rin!

    Chem: tseeeeeeh ahahahahaha

    Wx J: naku, e night person talaga ako by nature. mas productive ako pag gabi hehehehe

  14. Sana sa amin din mag avail maski konti. :(

    *gaano ba kahiwaga ang cock ni pedro penduko? na curious ako hehe.

  15. if you get promoted, it's because you deserve it. good luck ternie.

    bakit mo namiss si pedro? asan siya?

  16. Carlo: naku wag masyadong avail. baka ma-pull out din ang l.o.b. ninyo *knock on wood*

    re mahiwagang manok, e that's for me to know and, ermmm, for me to savor wahahahha

    thanks for passing by and leaving a comment. don't be a stranger! :D

    Engel: eeeeeeeeeee i hope so hehehe