Monday, March 5, 2012

La Commencement Était la Fin

The reality was all but an illusion.

For my heart, it was all-too real - the emotions were true, the emotions were honest.

But illusions do not stand up to the harsh light of scrutiny, do they? Now I am left with nothing but burnt and bitter cinders of the plans shared, of the promises sworn, of the I-love-you's whispered, of the affection given with all sincerity the heart can muster.

Everything now indifferently tossed to the winds like they meaningless nothings.

My head said otherwise, but I still listened to my heart.  For who wouldn't listen to a heart that is throbbing with truth and honesty?

I want to kick myself.

Why did I allow this to happen to me?



To the unnamed one, two words:



And thank you for shutting out me out without any communication. Thank you for hurting me. Thank you for crapping on my heart.

Good job. I hope you're happy and satisfied.

Tang ina. Di talaga matuto-tuto ang puso.
Ayoko na ng ganito. Ang sakit.


  1. To be prudent can be preventive. You just have to pick yourself up, learn from it, and move on. He is, after all, not worth stressing over.

  2. Ternie, there are no comforting words to say. You are in rave right now and to tell you that it will be alright is as close to have sinned.

    But always remember, you are worthy of someone better than him.

  3. f*ck the world! for a moment you think its done with you and then it pulls up a stunt like a heartbreak! 'eff it!

    PS: its a cycle we can't escape from, what i usually do is wallow in the pain and anger and self-loathing and then get up and try to commit a mistake again... u'll b okay...

  4. I'm so hooked on this Gotye song called Somebody that I used to know. Listen to it. I hope it makes you feel better. :)

    Nanibago ako na seryoso yung post mo ngayon. But then I remembered why I fell in love with your blog in the first place. :)

  5. tarush mo teh! this must give you a lesson. di naman sa nang-aaway ako or whatever, i know that you know what i'm trying to say. know the guy first.

    at least i've proven na totoo yung sinabi mo sakin, na you do get hurt. but sabi mo rin, it is a childish act for those who dwell in it. so take your pick.

    u know me, oh, you know me. LOL