Monday, March 21, 2011

The Portrait of Eternal Wanderer as a Poet

Eternal Wanderer is never one for reading poetry. Perhaps he still has not mastered relishing the words encapsulated in a poem. He has difficulty appreciating the subtle imagery and subtext associated with it. He wishes that one day though, he would eventually learn to savor this written form of art.

Neither is Eternal Wanderer inclined to write poetry himself. He previously tried writing a haiku, the result of which turned out to be rather of the banal kind. However, he is still determined to make a poet out of himself. After all, is it not human to seek the betterment of his lot?

So Eternal Wanderer burned the candle to labor over another descriptive but succinct haiku. He spent countless hours crafting words together to capture a powerful memory etched in his mind. This time, he hopes he would be able to eloquently express himself in this most disciplined form of poetry-writing.

Mesdames et messieurs, Eternal Wanderer hereby unveils his latest creation, a haiku of which tells of his genuine state at that particular moment in time.

You speak, "Taste my love."

I refuse your liquid fire.

Spring virgin am I.

Eternal Wanderer is indeed pure, immaculate, and gentle, is he not?


Y'all have a great week ahead of you, folks!


  1. teh diba 5 - 7 - 5 ang haiku?

  2. Ewan: sabi ko na nga ba, dapat di ko pinalitan yung isang word ahahahahaha

    ayan, inedit ko na :P

  3. hehehe busilak mode ka na naman

  4. Isa kang masikip na poet. Char! Haymishoo, Ternie

  5. spring virgin am i....

    sorry wala tayong spring.... kaya hindi totoo yan!


    ang gusto kong malaman ay kung sino ang nasa likod ng kalokohang ito. sino ang inspirasyon? sinoooooooooooo?

  6. i wonder why they call me that - poet, when i know i am not one.

    this is indeed a start for you. :)

  7. bff, echosera ka, may virgin virgin ka pa jan.. or bka u mean, you need virgin coconut oil? ahahaha

  8. Ay gusto ko yung liquid fire!

  9. Ewan: tamaaaaaaaah :))

    Caridad: PAK! ;)) haymishootoo :(

    Yj: walang inspiration. sinasabi ko lang ang totoo hihihihi

    Geek: i'm beginnging to like poetry.

    alas, i fell that poetry still doesn't like me :P

    BFF: eeeeeeew you're so halay! :P

    Mugen: isa ka pa. ang halay mo! :))

  10. Sige. Ikaw na ang basal. Hehe.

  11. Would really want to read rudeboy's precious perspective on this. Haha.

  12. so walang love involved. at hindi ka nagulat.

  13. Travailer: i miss ruddie :((

    Ex-J: tseeeeeeeeeeh ~X( lolz

  14. spring virgin you are not

    raving for the liquid fire

    where is the love

  15. meron daw apat na state of matter according sa molecular relationship


    ang apoy ay considered in plasma form.. so incongruent ang claim mo.

    i therefore conclude you are not a virgin spring but rather the summer slutty mistress.

  16. Kane: it's suppose to be 5-7-5!!! :))

    Dabo: proof by contradiction?

    nerd alert! :P