Monday, May 23, 2011

The Oddity of Triggered Memories

It was raining cats and dogs when I decided to take a look at my Facebook profile. I was surprised when I saw that someone tagged a few photos of me. It was an album of my last trip in Europe. Eying a particular picture, I noticed that the girls had earrings on their ears. That wasn't unusual since it was snapshot of our sound-check before a performance. What was weird was that I also had an earring still left on. I can't remember if I did use my earrings when singing onstage. There are a lot of stage no-no's in our group, and I'm almost sure that guys wearing earrings are one of them. Nonetheless, I think I was in the position of power enough to get away with those cosmetic infractions while performing. Besides, I would've threatened our manager that I'd go straight back home in the middle of a competition tour if he'd flag me down for wearing my earrings onstage.

Kasi naman, ganito yung hikaw na ginagamit ko. NKKLK! hihihihi

Diva tantrums aside, I remember a small detail from the onset of that trip. Our flight was still at night, and since I already gave to our helper the list of the things to be packed, I decided to play volleyball that morning. It turned out to be a good game. There's nothing like sweating it out to get a good high.

Kung makalaro lang ng volleyball, e parang Mireya Luis lang. 
With the same outfit, mind you! lolz

What wasn't good, however, was that I ended up with two sprained fingers from blocking a hard spike. I had to slip a roll of Mueller tape in my backpack before going to the airport, and taped my left pinky and ring fingers together to stabilize them. I had to keep it that way for around two weeks until I could flex them with minimal pain. Needless to say, it was bitch trying to lug around my assigned girl-buddy's luggage, as well as my own.

Yan ang nangyayari kaka-finger. Aw!

Another small detail I remember was the shower in Moscow. The Philippine Embassy bundled us up in three apartments somewhere in a semi-posh area of the city. But apparently, waters pipes didn't really take into account the social class of the district. Spring was just creeping in, and city engineers were still in the process of thawing out the hot water pipes. Ergo, there was no hot shower. And considering that the temperature barely rose above 10 degrees during the daytime, it proved to be quite a challenge. Being the faux macho man I am, I took up to the challenge - I braved the shower on the first night. But the moment the first drop of water fell on my skin, I knew it was a huge mistake. The initial pansy-scream (read: napatili) I made was followed by whimpers as I quickly soaped and rinsed myself. It was probably the fastest shower I ever took in my life - all under 5 minutes!

Halleeeer, kung sya lang kasama ko sa cold shower, e kahit
buong araw ako sa banyo, e pak na pak sa banga! lolz


Sometimes, I look back at the period when music was my raison d'être. I had a good time. I got to sing what I wanted. I was able to go around the world several times over. I competed among the best, and ended up winning. Heck, I even sang alone, with a full orchestra, in a huge concert hall. Not everyone gets to do these things.

Do I regret my decision of turning my back on this career? None whatsoever. Everything has its time and its place. I had my time, I had my place. I felt I had to move on. There was still a lot that life had to offer, and I fully intended to to take advantage of it.

And yes, I still do take advantage of it until now.

Sorry, ang crude ng pagkabura. Baka malurkey lang sila pag malaman
na nagpopost ako ng pics namin sa blog ko :P


So what's the point of my post? Nothing much really. It's just that the rain and tagged Facebook pictures make odd fellows. They managed to produce an odd, if not nostalgic, trip out of triggered memories.

Besides, I haven't word-vomited in a while. I miss doing this! hahahahaha


  1. At siyempre malapit ka na magbirthday Miss Minchin! Eto ang mga panahon na naglolook back tayo! Wahahaha!

  2. Napataas ang kilay ko sa "i fully intended to take advantage of it"! :))


  3. sylvia la torre ikaw ba yan?

  4. kalurkei ang earrings. bwahaha.. :D

    nakarelate ako sa iyong epiphany. not that I'm a singer.. haha.. basta. lolz ang labo ko ata.

  5. The rain has this peculiar way of making us remember memories.

    Everything has its place and time, you had yours, you had fun and in the end you had to find yourself to become a better person.

    That's all that matters now.

  6. Mugen: ssshhhhhhhh! ;))

    Spiral: ay ambot! :-L

    Ewan: tamaaaaaaaah!!! :))

    Green: kaya nga ako sinisita ng manager kasi mashadong agaw eksena yung hikaw ko! lolz

    Guy: the rain sometimes does that, doesn't it? ;)

  7. Sana you posted a photo of your earring, Ternie. How are you? I feel like you've been awfully quiet lately.


  8. I agree, kelangan talaga mag move on. Buti na lang alam mo kung kelan ang tamang panahon.

  9. asteeeeg si mireya luis! pero regla bell fan talaga ako, forever and ever! i miss piccinini! leila barros! kobayashi! sun yue! godina! jelic! artamanova! haha! kakamiss ang world grand prix!!!

  10. Kane: chandelier earring e. masahdong bakla lang lolz

    p.s. silence means either i've been very good or very bad. what's YOUR pick? ;)

    Ex-J: you'll know when it's time ;)

    Claudio: honga, oddity si bell kasi kiliweteng opener. and she hit almost exclusively sa left side lang nung naglalaro pa sya sa cuba.

    astig si ohbayashi na utility! prolly one of the best, if not the best hitter japan has produced so far.

    si lolah picci e naglalaro pa rin for italy until now hihihi

    retired na si sun yue at si jelic, pero naglalaro pa rin for clubs sila bell, artamanova, and godina! :D

  11. Ternie! parinig naman ng boses mo, kanta ka naman. yung totoong kanta ha, upload mo naman ditetch sa blog mo

  12. Orally: meron bang di totoong kanta???

    hmmm, sabagay, pwede rin naman kumnta sa mic.



  13. Nice post
    Tama yan
    Live life without any regrets
    Pero kung nagpatuloy ka pala sa singing career mo baka may duet na kayo ni wifey, ano?

    Yes, I'm baaaaack!!!

  14. Rafter: di ba? life is too short para magpakasasa sa regret ;)

    welcum back!