Monday, May 2, 2011

Of Icings ang Cakes (A Re-post)

A friend of mine brought over a chocolate cake he bought from a grocery bakeshop. It was reputedly one of the best undiscovered cakes in town. Supposedly very much under-rated.

I opened the box. It did look good. The ganache was all dark and glossy. I couldn’t resist but take a swipe at the icing. Not too sweet. Good. Yummy.

I sliced a piece of it. Wow, there’s even a fourth-inch custard filling in between the layers. Very, very promising, indeed.

I closed my eyes in anticipation as I lifted the fork towards my mouth. The icing slowly melted inside, exploding with a rich, and almost overwhelming taste of dark chocolate. Again, not too sweet. Perfect. Just the way I like it.

Then the crumb of the cake reached my tastebuds.

Urgh. Dry, tasteless. Not far from what a cardboard would taste, I imagine. Gawd, what the hell is this stuff?!

The custard wasn’t much of a help, either. Very, very stale. Very, very nasty.

I looked up to my friend. He had the same reaction, too.

We shared a laugh and a half agreeing how the cake tasted really awful. Off it went to the trash bin: two unconsumed slices, and the rest of the cake.

Drat. Drat. Drat.

A food tripping exercise that ended up in futility.

Trust me, no amount of good icing can mask an awfully made cake.
At the end of the day, it’s the cake itself that matters.


  1. But surely Ternie you wouldn't touch that cake if it doesn't look enticing enough? Ako na si Shallow Hal.

  2. Oral: naku, happy na ako sa pan de coco ng neighborhood panedria namin ;)