Monday, May 28, 2012

Many Happy Returns

"So, what's the drama all about?" was my opening salvo the moment Rudeboy picked-up the phone.

"I'll just tell you about it when we meet up later," he replied.

"The usual place, I suppose? Ten-ish?"

"Yes, I'll text you later what time exactly."

"Alrighty, I'll see you later!"


I never really meant to make a social network out of the blogosphere. Come to think of it, I never even meant to open up a blog to start with.  I was at a crossroad five years ago, having just left an industry that I was in for good number of years. I was a mermaid fish out of the water at that point. I didn't know what I wanted, and neither did I know what to do.

Of course, I had been reading some blogs for a couple of years. I thought, "Why not make one myself?"  I mean, I knew I could string together a couple of words to form sentences - and that was it. I didn't (and I still don't) have any pretensions that I am a writer. All I wanted, I guess, was to chronicle how I felt at that stage in my life. A journal of sorts; something to look back, and perhaps even laugh at down the road.


It all started with a YM conversation with Trip. I casually mentioned that I have a blog myself.

"Patingin nga," he said.

"Wag na. Wala namang laman e," I tried to tactfully decline.

But after a few minutes of cajoling, I cut and pasted the url of my blog.

"O, ayos ka magsulat! You should write more," Trip encouraged me.

Well, Trip, five years later, I do try to write a little more :)


"What's been up with you?" I asked Rudeboy as I slowly poured the can of Coke Zero into a glass full of ice. He himself ordered a whole bucket of San Mig light.

"Are you sure you can handle that? You know I can't help you with the beer," I looked at Rudeboy quizzically.

"Ternie, we meet up rarely. Besides, I think my kwentos would last the whole bucket. Or even more," he said as he guffawed with that peculiar laugh of his.

So between his bucket of beer and my several cans of Coke Zero, Rudeboy and I updated each other about the happenings of our lives. We poured on each others' stories just as much as we poured our drinks in our respective glasses. Towards the end of the night, he asked if I wanted to go to O-Bar, but I begged off.

"Oh c'mon, Ruddie. It's a Sunday, for pete's sake. Who'd be there?"

"You'd be surprised, Ternie. There's no rest for the wicked. And speaking of, I hope you have a wicked time with this, " He smiled deviously as he handed me a package.

It was my turn to chortle aloud. Come to think of it, it was more of a kolehiyala squeal of delight.

"After a year or so, I finally get the pasalubong!"

And yes, Ruddie, I'm having a wicked time with it, at least as far as aromatherapy is concerned ;)


After all that has been said, what's the point in my long-winded and meandering post then?

Nothing much really. Except that on my birthday, I tend to turn introspective and nostalgic. It's not a new epiphany for me that this blog has served more than its purpose of being a diary and an output of my musings. I did realize some time ago that it has actually helped me forge a link with people. There are some whose links have remained in cyberspace, there are some that have crossed over in real life. Still, I have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, every time acknowledge those who have been part of Eternal Wanderer, Ternie, Wandering4Ever, and the real me.

So to all the connections I've made, good or bad - thank you.

Truly, it's good to be 17 yrs. old!

Birthday ko, ok? Walang kokontra, walang mambabasag ng trip! :P


  1. PAKYU!!!!!


    *shakes Ternie like a British nanny*

  2. OMG!We're nearly the same age!

    Happy Birthday Ternie!

    I don't see any birthday suit posted.


  3. 17 times 2 or 3 ba ito? LOL! Happy Birthday!

    1. uy, eksaktong *1 lang

      sasabihin ko sana *.75 pero garapal na yon hahahah

      chenkyu, baste!

  4. Happy Birthday TERNIEEEE!!!!

    No comment ako sa edad. Basta gusto ko happy ka! Mwah! :)

  5. Inggit ako. Ruddie, you still owe me that trinkets from Thailand, I think, hahaha!

    Anyway, happy birthday, Ternie! Dahan-dahan lang ang nganga, ok? Mwah.

    1. aw. kanino ako nganganga? weeee

      thanks, john stan!

  6. Replies
    1. asan bday gift ko? :P

      chenkyu fafa milch!

  7. Happy birthday, Ternie. :)

    Ryan See

  8. i'm touched by your greeting, ryan.

    nahipo ako.


  9. Ohhh Ternie, the resident harlot of this side of the world. What would Twitter and Blogger be like without you and your spicy stories? You seem happy, and well, and I'm sure you have a thousand things you want, and you'll all get them one day.

    Thank you. Though I don't know you as well as others, I do appreciate your kindness. =)


    1. one thing at a time, one day at a time.

      mahirap kung sabay-sabay e. gangbang ang kalalabasan nyan. bwahahahaha

      thank you, kandy kane!

  10. tingnan mo nga naman. 5 years ka ng blogger. di ko alam na 12 years old ka pa lang noong una tayong nag-usap. hehehe. happy birthday ulit. ;)

    1. ay tamaaaaah!!! hahahahaha

      salamat, trip! :D


    next year debut mo na :D

    1. korek!

      ikaw escort ko sa cotillon en grande ko next year a.


  12. Happy 60th birthday Ternie!!! Hahaha. Mwah.

  13. akala ko naman debut mo na
    next year pa pala
    text mo na lang ako when you need an escort sa debut mo

  14. Replies
    1. thank you :)

      and thank you, too, for passing by and leaving a comment.

      don't be a stranger!

  15. Happy belated birthday, Ternie! I haven't met you pero from what I hear from YJ, sobrang gustong gusto kitang makainuman. I hope your special day was filled with magic. You deserve nothing less. :)

    1. shucks, na-touch naman ako :)

      thank you :D

  16. sorry Im weeks late.. Happy birthday! and I guess I'm one of those who remained in cyberspace? lol... Btw, punta ako dyan manila this August... wish we can have a nice dinner or something before I leave the country...