Monday, February 17, 2014

Disorganized Patterns of Thoughts 3

3. He is all but 21 yrs. old. Allow me to categorically state that I am not fond of kids, and never have been. In fact, it I consider myself downright allergic to them.


From a phone conversation with my best friend:

Me: Should I tell him I'm gay, too?

Best Friend: Why not? He obviously trusts you.

Me: But should I trust him?

Best Friend: Hunny, if you won't trust him now, you never will. Don't complicate things. Just keep it simple and happy.

Ah, my best friend. What shall I do without him?


Ext. Night time. Establishing shot of Ternie and HIM having dinner in a small eatery. Slow dissolve into a medium shot of Ternie and HIM walking along a side stret of Ortigas.

HIM: Alam mo, I'm getting used to this routine. Bahay, then office, then Ternie after...

Ternie lights up a cigarette. He tries to say something, stops, and tries to say it again.

Ternie: Can I tell you something. I dunno...You know...I...I never told anyone at work about it.

Ternie takes a deeps breath and exhales slowly.

Ternie: You know I'm gay right?

HIM takes a moment before he answers.

HIM: Oo naman. I was just waiting for you to tell me.

 Ternie: Really? Oh shit....How did you know?

HIM starts to chuckle.

HIM: I read kasi your blog.

Ternie: Fuck you! Puta ka! I knew it!

HIM chuckles even more.

Ternie: Taena, it was a huge mistake to show it to you briefly! Ugh. You're such a stalker! Sabi ko na nga ba, that was what you were referring to when I saw your tweet.

HIM stops chuckling.

HIM: Wait, what tweet? Binabasa mo ba Twitter ko?!

Ternie now starts laughing.

Ternie: Ahmmm. Ok! Fine! You stalk my blog, and I stalk your twitter. So quits tayo!

There is a comfortable silence as Ternie's laughter dwindles away. Ternie takes a drag from his cigarette before starting to say something. Slow pan shot to Ternie.

Ternie: I also hope you know that...that I...I like you, right?

Slow pan to HIM. HIM starts to smile as the shot fades out to black.


  1. then the audience in the cinemas starts screaming in kilig. ayeeeiiiieee

  2. It has been a long, long, long, long time since I hopped here.

    Typical Ternie, might I say.