Monday, October 4, 2010

Numbers 1

"I heard people are being let go," I whispered to Immediate Boss as I approached him. He got his Visine, put a few drops onto his right eye, and was about to reply when Big Boss arrived in our area.

"Ternie, could I have a word with.."

I interrupted him even before he could finish.

"I heard people are being asked to resign because of their very bad metrics. Is it true?"

"Yes, it's true." He paused as he gathered his thoughts to reply.  "You know how it is. Clients expect our account to deliver, and so far it's not.  At the end of the day, it's all about the numbers."

"But these are people we're dealing with, not just spreadsheets!" I heatedly replied in a hushed voice. "I feel dejected about the whole business of firing them at this point. If communication skills is the issue, why were they even allowed to pass the trainings that we had?"


Barely two months into my first job, I snagged a possibility for vertical movement. An internal memo came out stating that the department was open for training apprentices. Needless to say, I immediately informed Boss Lady and Immediate Boss that I was very much interested.  It was a bold move on my part considering I was a neophyte in the industry.  All I had to back me up was good numbers, a sense of direction, and a whole lot of guts and determination.

The gamble paid off.  I asked, and I received.

I got into the apprenticeship program.

Numbers 2


  1. Congratulations and well done, Ternie! Now it will only be a matter of time before you defeat He-Man and conquer the entire universe! Mua. Muaha. Muahahahahahahaaaaa!!!

  2. Ruddie: oh i'm contented purring away as cat-ra, thank you.

  3. Ternie, I know you've got the cat's meow.

    By the way, which apprenticeship? The Sorcerer's or the Sith's?

  4. Ruddie: as a maiko you silly boy!

    haul your phat light saber over where we usually talk, pronto.

  5. congratulations terns.

    apprenticeship now, training manager post tomorrow. teehee

    Pa-canton ka naman!

  6. From the first among your believers, congratulations. Told ya, you will make it. :)

  7. Iuri: shhhh pwera usog! hihihihi

    Mugen: *knock on wood* ;)

  8. Ternie the Demure -

    Congratulations! ahahah :P

  9. astig. congratulations! :)

    *hanubeh. ang chaka ng comment ko. hehehe*

  10. That's wonderful EW!!!! Only a matter of time I tell ya! <3

  11. Soltero: ternie the demure - me likey! hahahahaha

    Nim: naku, pwera usooooog hihihi chenks! :D

    PKF: i hope, and i hope, and i hope ;)

  12. See, hard work pays off, even if it means flirting with some people on the floor.

    Congratulations beki!

  13. Guy: i don't flirt with poeple on the floor!!! *giggles*

  14. goodluck and good job for what u are doing...

  15. pardon my ignorance, ano 'yung apprenticeship na yan?

    and oh rudie, why refer to he-man when ternie has always adored she-ra?

  16. Mac: aw chenks! :D

    John Stan: apprentice gay-sha na ako! bonggacious dabah??? lolz

  17. Caridad: salamas! :D

    Geek: i think what you meant was bigaon nga alpot.