Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Numbers 2

Numbers 1

Part of the responsibilities of being a trainer apprentice was to mentor someone who was getting numerous dissatisfaction surveys from the callers.  It took a few days before our schedules coincided, but once they matched up, I grabbed the chance to listen in to his call.

How I wished I didn't.

It was painful to listen how he was fast losing control.  The caller was getting more and more irate. At one point, the control freak in me wanted to take over to wrap everything up.  "But it was not my call", I reminded myself while clenching my fingers.  Still, I felt I had to do something.  I started writing down instructions on a piece of paper the steps he could take; how to check what was wrong with the caller's device.

What could have taken 15-20 minutes max took a little over an hour.

I went back to my station with a splitting headache.

"So how did it go?" Immediate Boss asked me as I sat down and brought my palms to my forehead.

"Don't ask. My head hurts."

"So I take it didn't go well."

"No, not at all." I continued rubbing my forehead, hoping to make the throbbing go away. "I could understand how he could have passed the technical training.  He seemed to have an idea on how to go about.  But how could he have gotten pass the initial interview, much less the communication skills training?"

"You'll be surprised.  If you ask me, it's a flawed system.  They need a certain number to pass. It's part of a trainers' metrics."

I rolled my eyes. "Sure, and we end up being flooded with dissatisfaction surveys."

Immediate Boss nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders while I plugged in my headset, ready to face the grind once more.

Numbers 3


  1. eeeeeeeeeee. nalaman ko ang fact (trainers need a certain numbers to pass. It's part of trainers' metrics.) na yan lately lang. tsk tsk tsk.

    go kuya! kering keri mo yan. :)

  2. Incompetence?

    This looks like a job for Miranda Priestly.

    That's all.

  3. I mean if the call has been dragging on for more than 30 mins already, can't there be an immediate intervention from the superiors?

    For that amount of time, the dude could have helped 3-4 customers already. That's a serious productivity problem, imo.

  4. And when I dive into the pit. I hope you wouldn't mind if I seek you counsel again.

    Libre ko ang Kowloon Siopao mo.

  5. Nim: i suppose so, because it'll reflect back on them if only a few trainees pass their class :(

    Ruddie: desperate times call for deaperate measures.

    time to call in maleficent, perhaps?

    Soltero: drag is the right adjective. it would've been ok if the reason was because of the lengthy and thorough troubleshooting steps. but in this case, it was wasn't :(

    Mugen: mwah

  6. I thought that whole metric thing was a myth. Samin kasi abg trainers, wala quota. Kung bagsak edi bagsak! Pano kaya yung centers na meron? Diba magsusuffer quality nun?

  7. hmmnnn i don't know much 'bout this industry. (sad lang di ako makarelate gaya ng mga nasa taas)
    mahirap tlaga i-confront pag ang problema eh yung established system na
    but competence eh?

  8. trainer apprentice? hmmmmmmmm i was once a trainer apprentice but i concentrated in QA kasi hehe

  9. City: apparently it's not. immediate boss came from the training department, so he has 1st hand experience about the goings on.

    Désolé: exactly. it ends up as damage-control rather than prevention. hayz.

    Coño: in our account, training and qa are in one department and have interchangeable roles. but if you ask me, i'd really rather teach than listen i to calls and coach.

  10. bakit di umuubra ang pagkamaldita mo sa mga pasaway, ternie? hihihi

    masyado ka atang stress sa work kaya kiss na lang kita. mwah! lol!

  11. Doc Mike: ang baet-baet ko kaya sa opis.

    lalo na sa crush ko WAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    *tsup* *tsup(a)* back ahihihihi

  12. Miss kita, ternie, kahit off-topic ang comment ko. Mwah!

  13. Caridad: e kasi naman, busy na busy ka na.