Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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Dear Ternie,

Running is ok.

I just hope, though, that you're running towards something.

And not away from something.


Does the destination matter more than the journey?


  1. I'm sure naa kay ginagukod ani, hehe kinsa kaha?

  2. i think both...hehe ang hirap e!LOL

  3. run ternie! run! :)... but either way, running away or towards something gives you a period of escape to think - should you go back and face whatever it is that you're running from or should you just move forward and start anew?

    caveat: choose before your tired legs choose for you.

  4. ...and i hope you're not petrang kabayo.

    "I cannot have survival as my only goal. That would be too boring. My goal is to come back in my best running form. It is good for me to have that goal; it will help me."
    Ludmila Engquist



  5. Xtian: jusme wala noh. di naman ako pampam tulad mo :P

    Mac: i think you have a valid point there. from a relative view, someone can either be running to or running from something ;)

    Kaloy: the hardest part is when you have to cross the bridge. but the respite you mentioned is good ;)

    Madame Chuni: napa-google pa ako ng di oras tungkol kay ludmila engquist! lolz