Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Former's Later, or How I met up with THE GIRLFRIEND of an ex and actually ended enjoying the experience

It's always nice to catch up with (our sub-group of) Real Estate, Film Director, and Varsity Boy. Our journey from the carefree, high school kids to quasi-successful adults has brought us to divergent paths, and yet, we somehow manage to find a common junction once in while where the juvenile in us set afoot once again (ugh, word vomit alert! hahahaha). But the spotlight tonight was actually on Ditse's. Uhmmm...who? Oh, yeah, Ditse is Varsity Boy's newest woman (I'm being PC here). I finally got to meet her tonight at Chilli's, and surprisingly, I honestly had fun with the company of the opposite sex for a change!

I'm not implying that Varsity Boy's a
Casanova-wannabe type (but I'm sure he'd fancy to be one - yeah, IN YOUR DREAMS VARSITY BOY!), but he's had a fair share of (girlfriends from hell) relationship sinkers. Somehow, in his amorous misadventures, he's finally (I hope) found someone who fits him perfectly. What's there not to like? She's classy, but can rough it up with the boys. She's articulate, sassy, and brimming with joie de vivre. Therefore, the perfect foil to the sensitive and brooding Varsity Boy. Heck, I shouldn't even have bothered to psyche myself up to be bubbly and all, as is always the case when meeting new people. I'm sure she would've been equally cool (sana) if I were cranky, not in the mood, and in that anti-social mode (over sa pagka-NEGAstar - if that were the case, why should I even bother to go out?) The whole point is, she radiates this mature, confident but engagingly warm personality that's very easy to like. I hate doing this (no, let me change that: I would LOOOOVE to do this, and sure, call me a mean, superficial, and judgemental a-hole, thank you very much) but Ditse is so way ahead of the wives/girlfriends club. Tootsie Roll, candy and all (pun all intended), is a bit too coñotic for comfort (it's so hilarious seeing Barney trying to keep up with her). Kate Moss is drop-dead gorgeous, but tries too hard to be coño, - I'm sorry, I just don't buy the act (then again Kate Moss + G.I. Jose = perfect airhead couple.) Push Button is too type-A personality for my taste (read: bossy...dear lord, is it going to be the under-the-saya case for Real Estate in the future?) and (I am being a total social snoot here...taena, dami kong disclaimers!) is simply below us Ateneans (Fuck, I can so not believe I just said that... Me to me: Potah, ang dami mo talagang side-comments!) Volleybelle, Doctora, and the rest I simply feel that I have to put on a show of either being quiet and restrained in order not to bruise their sensibilities, or deliberately be course-mouthed just to be of some shock value in a freakish sorta way. This is where Ditse becomes a cut above the rest: I can be as raunchy as I want, as well as be in a don't-talk-to-me-I'm-not-in-the-mood mode , but she'd still make me be comfortable in the come-as-you-are type of way.

I really feel she's a keeper. And varsity Boy, dang it, you me one for this long post!

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