Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Love in the time of cholera

Okay, now I admit: I still adhere to that romanticized notion of a relationship after all. I mean, if I weren’t, I’d just jump into it with anyone that comes along my merry way, yes? Oftentimes, I catch myself citing what I learned in Rationalizations 101 – get into it only with the right person. But heck, is that thing even possible? Hell yeah, I’ve been around, that's for sure. But somehow in that unending quest to find the right guy, I end up at 3 in the morning wondering why in the world is it so hard Mr. Right. Sure, he may be eye-candy, but he’s as dull as my granny’s rocking chair. He may be bibo and all kwela, but ugh, not really my physical type. Gawd, these past 2 years, I’ve only met 3 people I actually was really interested in. Unfortunately, Josh was still in that rebound phase and eventually exiled himself to Palawan, Russ, well, wasn’t just into me for the long run, and RJ was simply too flighty (and not to mention had a tendency to be a story-telling-a-liar). A3 was simply a fluke. Major Fluke. Don’t even get me started on him. Aaaaargh, so tell me, should start junking this farkin’ idealization of relationships, or is patience a virtue because Mr. Right just around the corner?

Sheesh, I'm starting to sound like a really 3rd rate Carrie in Sex in the City wannabe with all these rhetorics HARHARHARHAR


  1. Hav u already found ur mr right? : )

  2. fortunately or unfortunately, the search (among other things) continues :)

  3. goodluck! dont stop believing' as the song goes : ) --glee

  4. but of course.

    otherwise, what's life worth living or if you don't have hope ad faith? ;)