Sunday, April 1, 2007

Self-conversations 1

ME: I’m in a rut right now.

me: Oy vey! (Snorts) Here we go again….Aren't you a bit too old for this kind of crap?

ME: Stop being a prick. I’m entitled to it, you know. It’s been what? 2 years since the last one.

me: And tell me, will this always be the case for the rest of your freakin’ miserable life?

ME: (Sighs) I dunno…but cut me some slack, will you? I’m trying to fix it a day at a time.

me: Like?

ME: Like I already talked to Mark. I told him I’m not happy in the Madz anymore. Or more like, I’m actually seething AT the Madz. For making me feel like a used up tissue paper after giving up 5 years of my life for the group. For not being an anchor to stabilize my life when I need it most. For not filling in my need to feel needed. For…

me: (Rolls eyes) Oh hunny, you’re such a drama queen…

ME: But then again, I realized that those feelings of inadequacies are of my own. There are my problems, not of anyone else’s. It’s not fair that I take out my resentments on others. I have to find a way to deal with them without getting angry at the whole world.

me: Ha! And you think that’s enough to win you the question-and-answer portion?

ME: Oh, shut the fuck up! (Laughs)


  1. Minsan ok din kausapin ang sarili...
    its healthy : )

  2. wow, you actually commented on my first full post! hahahaha

    yeah, I guess it can get therapeutic ;)

    hey,thanks for dropping by :) do feel free to read around, and see what you like :D

  3. I havent talk to myself lately..

    ahmer a.k.a. wait

  4. Wait: come to think of it, neither have i :(

    welcome back! long time, no comment :P

  5. im back again. hehe
    these past few days, madalas kausap ko sarili ko. nag Q&A portion din : D at naalala ko tong post mo. haha
    btw nice biceps! yung akin umimpis na LOL

  6. Ahmer: grabe ka, sa super-dooper backpost ka talaga nagcocomment :P

    di mo naman kailangang kausapi lang ang sarili mo. i'm just here ;)

  7. oh my, i miss being here! haha
    mag to-two yrs na since my 1st comment.=p