Friday, September 11, 2009

Eternal Raindrops of the Restless Mind

"And rain will make the flowers grow."
- Eponine

Drip. Drip. Drip.

The monotony of the relentless rain as it falls on the roof is a constant reminder of how sogged the city has been these past few days. As soggy as I have been feeling.

Even the earth has rejected the rain that has become incessant. It has already spilled onto the road. Floods on the street. A flood within me.

Sorry, Eponine, my dear. Flowers will most certainly not grow with the rain this time around.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

I can't stand it anymore.

Sun, please come out behind the clouds and shine on me.



  1. i feel exactly like you do with regard to this season.

    hope haring araw decides to come out soon.

  2. does the dripping come from the roof or from a human duct?

    it will pass. as with all clouds.

  3. While I agree that the weather can affect our moods, I must reiterate ash's question : where is the rain really coming from?

    At any rate, the sun will come out tomorrow.

    Bet your bottom dollar.

  4. oh Eternal Wanderer. I think you know EXACTLY what my response is to this delightfully crafted entry of yours ;)

  5. Engel: and it's raining again right now waaaaaaaaa

    Ash: i'll leave that to your interpretation ;)

    Rude: ditto like ash :P

    Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog! Do have a look-see around it :)

    PKF: it. is. not. TING TING!!! lolz