Monday, September 28, 2009

One Hundred!

Wow, the hundredth post on my blog!

Thanks to Trip and E, I let myself be convinced to write here actively. Previously, the only way you could make me write was to show me the moolah. You see, I never really considered myself a prolific writer. Sure, I knew I could write, but I had to sweat blood for me to churn out words. The only way for me to write was if my arm was twisted or I was shown the oh-so-lovely dough. Even then, I'd still have to agonize just to produce a single paragraph.

Now, I'm still no prolific writer. Yes, sometimes I still do sweat blood to produce a paragraph or two. But that's fine because when I write here, I write for the love of and not because I'm being paid or forced whatsoever. In other words, I write here because I want to write. Huge, huge, huge difference it makes.


For the good friends I have made while writing here.

For the good friends that have read, and continue to read my stuff.

For the blogs that I have read and still read.

For those who have read, and still read my blog.

A heartfelt thanks, and may the words continue to flow out of my fingertips!


  1. Congratulations on your hundredth!

    Hope everything's okay with you.

  2. naks, hundredth post LT, congrats!

    glad to hear that you're ok.

    cheers for more posts to come!

  3. Rude, Engle, Max, Xtian: thanks thanks!

    Rude: sige ba! Engel, sama ka? ;)