Saturday, May 15, 2010

Something to Think About

"Do you think if you seal it up, that the pain is gonna go away?"
- from the movie Lovely Bones


  1. It doesn't. It never does.

    All it's gonna do is tear you up inside.

    Like a flesh-eating microorganism.

    Until you feel that you don't feel anything anymore.

  2. no... like any other emotion, it's gona build up.... and if it's too much, it will burst....

    boom.... you're wrecked!

    so feel the pain, until you feel it no more....


  3. No. A shut heart can never mend away the pain.

  4. the superficial pain, yes. but the real pain will forever be there

  5. araw, dapat harapin talaga to get over with

  6. I just pop Valiums like a normal person.

  7. Engel: bato-bato sa langit :P

    Guyrony: it's a veritable emo-cancer, isn't it?

    Hey thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! Do feel free to have a look-around :D

    Yj: echozerang froglette ka! lolz

    Coño: hugs lang? ;)

    Carrie: tumpak!

    Arkin: ay hindi naman. it will scar, and like any other scar, it serves as a erminder even if it doesn't hurt anymore :)

  8. Pain never leaves. It merely ebbs and heaves. Time becomes its salve in that it affords us to learn how to understand it, tame it, and eventually release it. But it can just as easily return.

    The challenge being for us to identify when it does, and to muster the strength our experiences can provide. To hold ourselves, despite its pang.

  9. I like the movie than the book : ) wholesome na pagdating sa movie hehe : D

  10. Ahmer: ay really? i'm mixed. i obviously prefer the narrative in the book, but the heaven sequences in the movie came off better. in the book, i was so bored with the heaven parts :P