Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Magic of an Untroubled Heart

It was half past two in the morning when my phone rang. Since I was already curled up in bed, reading a book, the temptation to ignore it was just a little bit too much. "I wonder who it is," I mused, "It's not everyday that someone calls at this ungodly hour."

The continued ringing broke my train of thoughts.  It was insistent, so grudgingly, I rose and went to the table where my phone was.  I looked at who was calling - and I couldn't help but grin.

It was him.

It was Spice.


"Ba't gising ka pa?" was his opening salvo. "Nagcha-chat ka na naman ano? Sinong nilalande mo?"

He was in a jolly mood. I could tell.

"I love you, too, Madame Claudia ng buhay ko."

He laughed out aloud.

"Potah! Pinatawa mo na naman ako!"

(His laugh. I've nearly forgotten how hearty it was. It never failed to put a smile on my face whenever I heard it.)

I asked him why he was still up. He said he was still pumped up with coffee. Then, he invited me to celebrate our birthday in Boracay. "Sure," I said, " let's do our honeymoon there na rin."

He let out a loud laugh once more.

As he continued talking, I let my mind wander. Of the men I've been with, what makes Spice special? Is it because of his easy laughter? Is it because I literally went the distance to be with him? Is it because I'm still in constant contact with him? Is it because he broke my heart without a single word?

Ah, Ternie, you think too much. Treat it as part of the magic. But like all magic, once you start to pick it apart, the appeal is reduced. Be more open, be more accepting.  If you feel buoyed up when he calls, then allow yourself to do so; happiness does not always demand reason. However, do not be fooled with the illusion of rekindled love. What both of you have right now is far better than what was before.  Be gracious.  Be appreciative. And above all, be truly joyful.

He suddenly brought me back into the conversation.

"Huy, nandyan ka pa? Kinukulit na ako ng mga kasama ko na umuwi."

"Oo, nandito pa. Sige, sige, ingat ka pauwi. Hey, Spice...," I paused momentarily. "Salamat sa tawag a. I appreciate it. I really do."

"Sus, kaw pa! Night, night. Pahinga ka mabuti. Sweet dreams a, and dream of me," he chuckled as he put the phone down.


I did sleep well.

There were no disquieting thoughts, no floating anxieties. Things have really fallen into place as it should be.

Indeed, the magic of an untroubled heart is wonderful.


  1. "Indeed, the magic of an untroubled heart is wonderful."

    i like! cheers! )

  2. Soltero: and i like your, ahmmm, ano, too.

    your comment.



  3. nasan na kaya si happiness? hmm..

  4. Eye-spy: ayun, nagbuburikat ;)


  5. aw hehehehe imo na ni na-istorya kanako hehehehe

  6. who are you and what did you do to ternie?

  7. could it have been that all this time, the magic was...you?

    bwehehe.. ;p

  8. Nice! Tiyak yan, nabawas-bawasan ang sakit ng toe mo. Hindi ka na magsosoprano mamaya!

  9. Inunahan ako ni Soltie sa pag-quote.


    Anyway, ang masasabi ko lang...

    Tseh pa rin!

    Chos! Hahaha.

  10. "happiness does not always demand reason. However, do not be fooled with the illusion of rekindled love."

    pak! tumpak! na mesmerize ako dito.... napa isip ng malalim.. Achieve na achieve!

  11. and this line made me smile...

    "Indeed, the magic of an untroubled heart is wonderful."

    so true...

  12. Xtian: :P

    Engel: tseeeh kaaaaaa!


    Aljohn: i'm no fairy godmother kaya! hahahahaha

    Mugen: hindi.

    kowloon lang makakapagtanggal ng sakit ;)

    Caridad: echuzerang froglette ka evuuuhr! lolz

    Clipped: aw :D

    Geek: smile away teehee

  13. Conio: ngek ala nga e.

    kaw yung meron.

    humpft :P

  14. aba aba at nagpapaka mayumi na ulit...

    sino nga ang may kailangan ng himala kung magic lang eh keri na...


  15. Nice, I like this one. Two thumbs up!

    Movie review?!


  16. Yj: teh, dalisay, busilak and mayumi naman talaga ako noh.


    Guy: why thanks for liking it :D