Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 1

Let's start off by calling him Spice. And let's say that I met him in the worst place possible: the Mecca that is called the Lobby. It seems that he's been a long time chatter, but for some reason, we've never crossed paths until recently (N.B. Now I know why: I hang around midnight onwards, and he chats usually early in the morning before going to work, or early in the evening when he arrives). He seems fairly popular enough that people ask me if I know him, or at the very least, interacted with him. My usual answer: who he? (MWAHAHAHAHAHA) Well doodeleedoo, apparently, people have asked him the very same thing, too.

ME: (excitedly) Fate slowly weaving its threads into an amorous tapestry?

me: (non-chalantly) Asa pa you.

Anyways, one afternoon of no particular importance, I managed to bump into him in the lobby. I said to myself, "Ah, so this is Spice. Lemme dock him and try to catch his attention." Well, wahddya know, all it took was a sutsot and a kindat, and we were bantering around in the lobby like old pals. But then again, all bantering and kulitan wasn't the whole point of the exercise, was it? It was more like a moro-moro, verbal fencing, and faux pas-de-deux, all rolled into one neat activity that eventually led to:

him whispering his cell number.


ME: *Ahem* I am such a charmer, you know.

me: Sure. (takes a drag from his cig) About as charming as as my lelong's pair of run-down socks.

ME: Fuck off!

A few days later, I decided to give Spice a call. Nothing fancy, just a hi-hello casual kind of thing. He texted right after, thanking me for the call. "Mhmmm. Promising." I thought. "He certainly knows his manners." Fast forward to last night. I prolly spent a good 30-40 mins. or so talking to him over the cell (note to self: I gotta get one of those unlimited call thingies asap). It's that getting know you stage already (cue in audio-visuals: Deborah Kerr singing to the children in the King & I), you know, the why are you in that profession, what do you want to do when we go out, blah blah kind of crap. He seems to be be a nice and sweet fellow, albeit a bit possessive for comfort. I found it weirdly kilig though to be told not to chat for the remains of the night. Normally, I'd chaff at that restriction, but...

Let's see where this leads to. Moral of the story? Abangan ang sususnod na kabanata.


  1. Heard from Tripper that another wanderer has come to the blogger scene. Welcome back. :)

  2. Hey Mugen, thanks for re-welcome!

    It IS good to be back :)

  3. i really hope u dont feel the pressure now. hehehe

  4. Not at all Trip.

    Truth to the matter, I'm starting to enjoy it.