Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Self-conversations 3

me: So...what's been up with you?

Me: (continues reading the newspaper) None of your business. But we all know why you're asking. You want to talk about Spice, no?

me: Of course not! I am genuinely concerned about you, you know...

Me: Mhmmm.

me: I think I love Spice.

Me: Mhmmm. See, I was right. You did want to talk about Spice.

me: (grins sheepishly) Uhmm. Yeah?

Me: Here's the thing (looks up from the newspaper). I still don't get it. Why Spice?

me: I don't know. It's crazy and illogical. But I'm tired of being rational. All my life, I've always tried to control my emotions. Now I have the chance, I just want to let go...(pauses) You know what, someone messaged me in Facebook. She read my status message and said that she hopes I get to smile everyday. Dammit, I just realized, I had forgotten to smile everyday. But now I'm slowly re-learning it, thanks to Spice.

Me: Ugh. That's gross and sappy. You make me sick (puts a finger in his mouth and feigns a gagging action). I want to puke.

me: Aaaaaw, you love me. You really, really love me (hugs Me, and skips away while whistling).

Me: (shakes his head and sighs) Here's for you, kiddo. I hope you'll be happy this time around. (puts out the almost-consumed cigarette in the ashtray) I really do.


  1. keep doing it and if sanity will allow, siguro next time yung "me" at "Me" magkakaroon na ng nick at profile.. hehe

  2. AHAHAHA @ DABO multiple personality ito...tapos maybe all yous can have a grand eyeball party ahahahha! PEACE

  3. Dabo & E - wait till i and I come around. That'll be more fun!