Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Self-conversations 2

ME: (enters fuming mad and slams his fist on the table) The nerve of the Bitch!

me: (raises his head from the comics he's reading, and looks across the table)
Mhmmm. What is it this time?

ME: (Shouts) She actually took me out of her
Facebook! Would you believe it?! I was looking for her name on the list to tag her in one of the pics, and poof, it wasn't there. Oh man, I swear it's soooo war time already!!!

me: Don't shout. I'm just three feet away from you (rolls eyes). Well, she has every right, you know. It is her
Facebook after all. If she doesn't like you for whatever reason, then it's her problem. Don't make it yours.

ME: But...but...

me: (puffing on a cigarette) Look, you really have to learn that you can't please everyone. It's a fact of life. And if someone doesn't like you, don't take it too personally.

ME: (whines) But I'm nice
naman e...

me: It's not a matter of being nice or not. She doesn't just like you. Deal with it.

ME: (mutters under the breath) I don't like talking to you. You're too coldly rational.

me: I heard that. Here's a candy. Now go to a corner and sulk all you want. See if care.

ME: I hate you, you know that (stomps off).

me: Yeah, yeah. Whatever (goes back to reading the comics).


  1. oo nga naman. facebook niya yun eh. she can do whatever she likes. tanggalin mo na rin siya kung gusto mo. on the other hand, did u ask her if she intentionally removed u. u could just be over reacting.


  2. di maganda mag assume. hehehe

  3. Oh Trip, if you only know the whole story behind it...

    *hinagpis mode*