Friday, March 27, 2009

Postscripts from the Edge of YM

From a YM transcript

Eternal Wanderer: hi spice
EW: musta ka na?
Spice: EW i dont need further explanation from u
EW: no explantions forthcoming from me
EW: i just wanted to say hi and see how your doing
S: am tryin to be feelin good again
S: am tryin to gain friends again
EW: how did your exams last sat go?
S: am tryin to be ok EW after ng nangyari
S: exams?diko alam kung may naipasa..bahala na.
EW: i'm sorry if i hurt you. there was no malice involved. the last thing i wanted to do was for you to end up feeling that way
S: nangyari na lahat EW
S: nasira na kung sino ang nasira
EW: yes. and honestly, even if i don't know where it all started, i still accept command responsibility for it. and i bear the consequences of having lost you with a very heavy heart

End of conversation.

Can this be considered some kind of closure? I don't know. You tell me.


  1. i cant really tell. hehe. ikaw. ano ba feel mo teh?

  2. I swear, the conversation is more enigmatic than the Sphinx.


  3. Akala ko ba ikaw ang na-agrabyado? Bakit parang siya?

  4. Mugen: I have an inkling what he's smarting about. But he hasn't told me the full reason yet.

    P.S. He arrived from the province dawn a while ago. He's with me now, so let's see where this is going to.

  5. ;) no comment muna, wait po ako sa next story....

  6. Jay Vee, next story, served right up!